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Bible classes to be taught in public schools?

Bible classes to be taught in school?
Bible classes to be taught in school?

The topic of deciding whether or not Bible Classes will be taught in Kentucky public schools went about half-way through the legislative process this week in Frankfort. Senate Bill 56 opens up the gates for a Social Studies class to be offered as an elective with the focus being Biblical Studies and Hebrew.

The Kentucky Senate voted 34 to 1 to approve the bill this past Wednesday. Senator Bowen from Owensboro is the bill’s sponsor and stated that his intention is to ‘acquaint students with a book that has had a tremendous impact on American society and Western Culture’.

Though the issue of the constitution’s ‘separation of church and state’ came up, it was quickly talked down by Senator Carrol of Frankfort as he expressed that the class wouldn’t be used to teach religious preference but rather for historical and social teachings.

Senator Kathy Stein, of Lexington was the only one to vote No, saying the Bill is unnecessary because nothing currently prohibits Kentucky schools from teaching about The Bible.

While Senator Stein can state truthfully that there is indeed no particular law against holding a class where the Bible and Hebrew are taught in the public school system, there are students all over the country every day who have their religious rights as Christians squashed. Time and again we hear of Christian students who aren’t allowed to bring their Bibles to class or who have been suspended for using Christian symbols in their artwork or singing a song with religious significance in the public schools. We can’t even have the Ten Commandments in the classroom or call for a time of prayer before a ballgame. To say that there is no law against having a Bible Class in public school is technically true but very naïve.

FYI – This class would be an elective in schools, not mandatory; however similar legislation passed in the Kentucky Senate in 2010 but died in the House.

To read the details of Senate Bill 56, click into the KY LRC webpage.

To contact your local Rep., go to this link: Kentucky House of Representatives


  • Profile picture of Karen McCracken
    Karen McCracken 4 years ago

    I'm not really sure of what your point was in this anonymous post that said:
    "Close Encounters of the Sacred Kind... Bible Story Of Red Sea Parting 'May Be True'... FOTO/VIDEO: Secrets of the Vatican - UFO's in the Ancient Art... ABRAHAM... MOSES... Messiah... THE SPACESHIPS OF THE GODS... Zecharia Sitchin: Origin of the Species, From an Alien View... VIDEO: Rabbi Reveals Name of the Messiah"
    Nonetheless, I deleted it due to the link that was attached, as is supposed to be Examiner policy that links are not allowed in them comment areas.
    If you have something intelligent to post or a well thought out response or opinion, please do repost with out the link added.
    Thank you

  • Ann 4 years ago

    I think the only way we can open our young generation to become a good person is to know the word of God. It's an introduction to young kids to become a good person. If you the word of God then it's a good start. Alot of people don't even have a religion. Don;t know God. Knowing God;s word is the best way to have a better futture for a young generation. God Bless.

  • Richar##^^ 4 years ago

    I think the schools their self have great concerns over inducting curriculums that will be attacked by the left and their powerful judiciary backing. In the long term it opens their program up to lawsuits , loss of government funding and can lead to the loss of employment and their respective appointed positions.

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