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Bi basketballer’s male kiss causes fans to ‘Hit the Floor’

The soap opera-like sexy sports drama on VH1 caused some fans’ mouths to “Hit the Floor” like the title, when two of the leading male characters locked lips at the end of their second season.

The cast of the new hit show "Hit the Floor" on VH1
The cast of the new hit show "Hit the Floor" on VH1
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Sexy actors shock the fans when they kiss.

In general, the diverse audiences love the new bisexual twist, and are tweeting around the photos of the shocking kiss, and the handsome hunks who play the characters. There are also plenty of sexy female interactions to be of interest to all audiences.

The scripted sports drama stars sexy Adam Senn as the star player named Zero on the Los Angeles Devils. It’s a fictional team for now, but heck, with this kind of popularity, it could become a reality like the MightyDucks.

Zero is decidedly bisexual. He was seen sexing it up with a cheerleader in a Catholic church’s confessional, and he has been stealing sidelong glances at his buff teammates when they’re in various stages of undress around him.

But, then in the episode called “Unguarded” that aired this week, Zero and his sports agent Jude (who is also the son of the team’s owner) kissed, and then a few scenes later when confusion and jealousies seemed to ensue, they ripped each other’s clothes off and were seen in bed naked the next morning. Uh oh.

Zero calls Jude “gay” and says he’s OK with it, after they first kiss on the lips. Jude (played by Brent Antonello) isn’t sure what is going on with his sexual identity, but obviously other people’s gaydars are working overtime because an assistant in a sexy photo shoot asks him for his number and Jude stumbles with, “Oh, I’m not like that” and the guys smiles and says, “Oh, you’re one of those.” That actor who is the photographer’s assistant, by the way, is played by Scott Evans, brother to Chris Evans, and just as hot.

With stars like Jason Collins coming out in real life, it’s only a matter of time that a VH1 sports series start exploring those possibilities, too.

Actor Adam Senn, when asked by The Backlot about Zero’s sexuality, said, “Maybe it isn’t just about sex. But there’s definitely a dynamic and that’s the beauty of those characters is playing with that dynamic and not making it just about being gay or being bi or anything. It’s a relationship and I think we’re just going to discover more as time goes on.”

His character was previously involved in a hot-and-heavy relationship with a female cheerleader and now is involved with a man, but Senn says it’s all OK.

He is quoted as saying, “In general, I’ve always been very open in my life. My cousin was gay and I love him to this day so that stuff doesn’t bother me and I don’t mind pushing people’s buttons.”

The show is already taping its third season and anyone who wants to catch up can find the past episodes online.

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