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BFIG 2014 breaks past records with over 200 games submitted for consideration

The logo for the BFIG 2014
The logo for the BFIG 2014
Photo courtesy of BFIG, used with permission

If you attended the Boston Festival of Indie Games in 2013, then you may have noticed how popular of an event it was. Well, it was so popular that the BFIG just announced that they have received over 200 digital and tabletop games for consideration into the 2014 show, breaking records from the previous years. Keep in mind that this is only the third year of the BFIG.

Dan Silvers, the Director of the BFIG, released this statement, "This year, we’ve received more submissions for our indie tabletop and video game showcases than ever before. We are proud to support [the] New England game development community, a resilient and talented group that continues to impress and surprise. We can’t wait to get all these great games in front of our eager attendees."

The first year of the festival took place within the classrooms of MIT. They quickly outgrew that and had to move into the Johnson Athletic center as well as the Student Center. While the Athletic Center had plenty of room early in the day, the Student Center (where the tabletop games were showcased) slowly ran out of space to move. There were even lines to demo some of the games.

With over 200 submissions, this could be the biggest festival yet. While logistically it may be a problem, it is a good problem to have nonetheless. It shows a growing industry, something to be proud of, and it's taking place in our own backyard.

The Boston Festival of Indie Games 2014 will take place on Saturday, September 13 at the MIT Johnson Athletic Center in Cambridge, Ma. Tickets are still available for $10 each, but if you order in groups of two or more, then they only cost $7.50 each. Kids of age 13 and under can register for free at the door.