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Beyond Texas: Animal de-clawing banned, Plan to shoot deer challenged


City Against Animal Declawing

Berkeley joined San Francisco, Los Angeles and several other cities in outlawing animal declawing, in anticipation of a new state law that forbids cities from enacting such bans after Jan. 1.

The council called the procedure cruel and inhumane. Veterinarians have fought the declawing bans statewide, saying declawing is sometimes medically necessary.

Plan to shoot Valley Forge deer challenged

Two animal advocacy groups have filed a lawsuit seeking to delay a plan to shoot hundreds of deer in Valley Forge National Historical Park, west of Philadelphia.

Park officials say they want to thin a herd of nearly 1,300 deer to between 165 and 185 to protect park vegetation and to protect deer from disease.

The Connecticut-based Friends of Animals and Pennsylvania-based Compassion for Animals, Respect for the Environment filed a lawsuit Thursday in federal court, saying the National Park Service violated federal environmental law by not fully considering alternatives, like using coyotes, to thin the herd.

Park officials have defended the plan.

The University of Denver law school's Environmental Law Clinic is representing the animal groups.


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