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BEYOND SUSTAINABILITY Celebrates Imagination: Our Most Renewable Resource

This Saturday night Beyond Sustainability celebrates a year of success and a new direction.
This Saturday night Beyond Sustainability celebrates a year of success and a new direction.
Creative Migration

Friday Freebie! Purchase your $25 ticket to #Beyond Sustainability today and receive a FREE ONE YEAR MEMBERSHIP to the Green Chamber of Commerce!

With the recent release of their documentary, “POST NEW BILLS: The Story of Green Patriot Posters,” Creative Migration decided to expand upon their mission with a new focus for the organization.

Creative Migration and BEYOND SUSTAINABILITY are the brainchildren of Susannah Tantemsapya. Motivated by her travels through Europe, Australia and Asia, Tantemsapya formed a network of artists, musicians, designers and filmmakers. This led to Tantemsapya founding Creative Migration in 2005 to serve as a creative platform and distribution network for them. In 2008, Creative Migration began producing its own documentary programming, focused on art and social engagement.

By opening their programming up to integrating sustainable practices for film, art, travel, culture and lifestyle, Creative Migration made a winning choice. Tantemsapya is Director and Producer of "Post New Bills."

The only American film accepted into Project Green, a sustainable filmmaking initiative and an official selection of the Green Patriot Posters Design Campaign, “Post New Bills,” is the first film in the campaign and will be featured during it’s 2014 traveling solo exhibition at the Design Museum Boston.

To celebrate their new direction, Creative Migration is holding BEYOND SUSTAINABILITY, a collaboration with Sustain LA to educate and inspire guests to think differently about sustainability. BEYOND SUSTAINABILITY takes place this Saturday evening from 6:30 to 10:30 pm at the Yeh Studio in Silver Lake. The goal of this fundraiser is to expand Creative Migration’s programming, producing documentaries about art and social engagement, to focus on implementing sustainable practices for film, art, travel, culture and lifestyle.

In keeping with their mission and that of Sustain LA, BEYOND SUSTAINABILITY will be a zero waste event with no plastic, aluminum, styrofoam or disposable items used. All waste will be recycled and/or composted. But that's just the beginning of the sustainable fun at BEYOND SUSTAINABILITY

To keep guests satiated, organic sustenance will feature vegetarian fare by Stuffed Animals, direct trade coffee by Edison Coffee Roasters
Local, boutique Kombucha tea by Better Booch and
handcrafted, brewed beer by Angel City Brewery.

Los Angeles’ DJs’ Sean Patrick of the Bystanders and Dirty Dave will spin chill tunes while actor Charlie Hewson and photographer Julianna Lacoste emcee the event.

Renowned experts from LA’s sustainable movement will describe the successes and challenges of their respective fields including discussions featuring Creative Director Guillaume Wolf, Renewable Energy / Sustainability Expert Elena Christopoulos; Good Planet Media founder / CEO Michael Kaliski; Living Homes founder / CEO Steve Glenn and Environmental Artist Cristopher Cichocki.

After briefly speaking, the panel will open up for an audience dialogue about making sustainability happen and moving beyond sustainability as a culture.

The evening’s special screening of the sustainably produced short documentary on art and social engagement, “POST NEW BILLS,” is widely anticipated.

“POST NEW BILLS,” tells the story of the multimedia design campaign that challenged artists to expand public awareness of climate change. Featuring interviews with Shepard Fairey, DJ Spooky, Michael Bierut, Dmitri Siegel, The Canary Project and Mathilde Fallot, “POST NEW BILLS,” was filmed on location in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Ventura, New York, Paris, France and Stockholm, Sweden.

A silent auction will be held. Featured items include original artworks from Shepard Fairey, 
Colin Finlay, 
Eric Ernest Johnson, Guillaume Wolf
, Deedee Cheriel, 
Skyrocket Studio, Raemann 
Grayson Cox,
Zefrey Throwell,
Brad Ewing,
Erik Hougen, and
 Daniel Rolnik.

Limited Editions / Autographed donations include items from Capitol Records, 
The Beatles, 
Duran Duran
, Supergrass, 
PJ Harvey, 
Liz Phair
, Sleater-Kinney, 
White Stripes and 
Ethan Hawke.

Other donated items include $1,200.00 in groceries from Sweredoski Farms, and jewelry by Nico Lopez.

Raffle donations include items from the 
Hammer Museum, 
MOCA, Deedee Cheriel,
Silverlake Wines, 
Rockaway Records
, Amoeba Music, 
Ashley Neese: Wellness, 
Sensitive Boyfriend, 
The Good Flock, 
Modern Nature, 
Wilder Quarterly.

The following artists, activists and actors are confirmed to attend BEYOND SUSTAINABILITY this weekend; Shepard Fairey, who donated three signed prints for the silent auction on Saturday, Survivorman’s Les Stroud, eco-warrior, social entrepreneur and artist; and socially conscious photographer Colin Finlay.

From good companies to good food to good conversations, BEYOND SUSTAINABILITY has all the makings for guests to have a good time while doing good.

And here’s the icing on the sustainable cupcake, BEYOND SUSTAINABILITY will be filming a new project during the event as part of a film about sustainability. This project, also titled BEYOND SUSTAINABILITY, looks at how different cultures view and implement sustainability on seven continents through the eyes of those living creative lives in each place.

According to Creative Migration Creative Director Hilary White, the purpose is education and entertainment, “We aim to provide practical tools and knowledge to inspire artists, creatives and cultural consumers, White said. “People who value their online community as a source of news and entertainment – to be socially responsible.”

“Our viewers want to be eco-conscious. They recycle materials. They fix and reuse items instead of buying new ones and they turn off or unplug electronic devices when they are not in use,” White said. “They want to implement new standards for sustainability such as using cloth instead of paper towels and napkins, eating at restaurants that offer highly nutritious locally grown food and supporting global initiatives and laws that foster big change by corporations and governments.”

When asked what the BEYOND SUSTAINABILITY audience can expect from their evening, White is sustainably clear.

“Our audience will learn to create a sustainable lifestyle; increase their savings; reduce their carbon footprint; get news and resources about people, places and products that are moving the world forward,” White said. “And to become part of a global community of people committed to creating a sustainable environment and economy for the future.” White is also a Producer on "Post New Bills."

Purchase your $25 ticket to #Beyond Sustainability today and receive a FREE ONE YEAR MEMBERSHIP to the Green Chamber of Commerce!
For more information about BEYOND SUSTAINABILITY, the artists and activists, go to Creative Migration at
BEYOND SUSTAINABILITY is this Saturday night at Yeh Studio,1064 Myra Avenue in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles.


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