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Beyond organic gardening! What we should all know about gardens

What we should all know about gardens is important whether we plan to garden or are already gardening. What we should know is we are doing more than growing food.

People can work a plot of land together to raise herbs and vegetables
Photo by Mary Turner/Getty Images

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Beyond organic gardening

Gardens provide so much more than food to eat. Plants respond to us and even modify their growth for our optimal health. Just try talking to an indoor plant and even asking it for a certain color of flowers. It has been proven that household plants respond to requests such as this.

Additionally, the impact on the Earth is much more than we may realize. Everything responds to a loving touch and the ground we walk on is no different. Dr. Emoto has proven how water responds to negative and positive words and soil and plants are no different.

Impact of gardening on Russia's GNP

The impact of gardening on agricultural business has a surprising record in Russia. Vladimir Megre, states:

"According to data published by Goskomstat (the State Statistics Committee of Russia), in 1997 14.7 million families had fruit growing plots, while 7.6 million had vegetable plots. The overall land area cultivated by these families amounted to 1,821,000 hectares. These households independently grew 90% of Russia's potatoes, 77% of it's berries and fruit, and 73% of it's vegetables. In 2004, Russian gardening families , without any heavy machinery, hired labor or government subsidies, have grown on their free time and using predominately organic methods, 33 million tons of potatoes, 11.5 million tons of vegetables and 3.2 million tons of fruit and berries, which represent 3%, 80% and 81% respectively, of the country's total output of these crops. Russian gardeners now produce more products than the whole commercial agricultural apparatus all told. The total value of the Russian gardeners' production represented 51% of the country's total agricultural output, apx. $14 billion or 2/3% of Russia's gross domestic product."

So if thinking about growing some of your own food, there are simple ways to proceed, even if you don't have a yard.

Gardening tips

  1. Seeds become delicious, nutritious sprouts in as little as two days.
  2. Pots and buckets of all sizes and shapes can be used for growing containers for herbs, vegetables and fruit. Shoe organizers have been hung and used to grow herbs.
  3. Planting herbs and berries among landscaping is a beautiful way to add home-grown produce to your diet.
  4. Replace at least part of the lawn with a small garden plot. Fill a water tank with mulch, plant taller plants in the middle and hanging plants, such as strawberries, around the edges. Or, learn to make The Three Sisters Garden.

Source: Vladimir Megre ,Ringing Cedars Press, Paia, Hawaii, Who Are We? , Pg. 28.

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