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Beyond Fashion and Centennial Quilts

Charles James: Beyond Fashion
Charles James: Beyond Fashion

- You should head over to The Met before August 10th for some sewing awe-inspiring moments!

The Charles James: Beyond Fashion exhibition is a haute couture dream. It examines his career and love of all things pouf. His attention to details and structure and cloth and colors it's all so beautiful! The mirrors alongside each wall reflect his quotes about life and fashion.

Some sewing quote gems:

"Make the grain do the work."

"You should know that my most important contribution was always in tailoring; coats, jackets, wool dresses… so few of which went into the magazines."

More pics and info: Here

- There's a week left to catch The Grand Central Centennial Quilts exhibition, closing July 6th. It's at at the New York Transit Museum Gallery Annex and Store at Grand Central Terminal.

The City Quilter hosted a unique textile contest inspired by Grand Central Station's gorgeous marble and art. The exhibition, displays the work of the thirty finalists.

"The City Quilter designed two beige and aqua fabrics, one modeled off the Main Concourse sky ceiling, the other a collage of distinctive features of the Terminal... With the requirement to use these fabrics in their design, 81 contestants from 25 states submitted quilts for the chance to win... The challenge to reinterpret this grand space in fabric yielded a wide array of artistic visions."

- If you've been working on lingerie or swimwear, you'll love FIT's current exhibition! Exposed: A History of Lingerie " traces developments in intimate apparel from the 18th century to the present. There are two types of lingerie, hard and soft. Hard lingerie includes corsets, bustles, and structured bras, while soft lingerie consists of unstructured garments, such as slips, nightgowns, and panties. As the relationship between dress and the body has been redefined over time, so too have the function and appearance of lingerie."

The corsets are exquisite and if you haven't been thinking of sewing one, you definitely will want to face the challenge after this visit. The showcase is up until November 15th.

Happy Summer Sewing!

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