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Beyond cute: Newborn baby meets a dancing teddy bear in viral video

There's many a baby that calls a stuffed teddy bear their best friend and a few have documented video evidence of the relationshp, but little Henry David Knutson has the advantage of parents that knew how to bring a teddy bear to life. Thinking it would be an excellent idea to capture baby Henry's first interaction with his "best friend," the Knutson's made a stop-animation video that will undoubtedly delight the baby when he's older but is delighting hundreds of thousands of viewers, if YouTube is to be the judge.

The New York Daily News reported June 27 that Minnesota comedian Chris Knutson and his wife, Aimee, have subsequently made their baby boy and his new best friend, the fluffy, dancing teddy bear, Internet stars. In the days since posting the video, entitled "Teddy Bear Meets Best Friend," to YouTube, Henry and his happy buddy have scored over 770,000 views.

The video stars the "best friend," the shaggy little brown teddy bear. He comes to life soon after Aimee finds out she's pregnant, spying the home pregnancy test wand in the bathroom. He quickly does a "Risky Business" dance slide at the top of the stairs, then starts dancing.

The video follows the bear up to the moment little Henry Knutson is brought home and he takes his place beside the tiny baby boy.

Judging from the look on Henry's face when he first greets the stuffed animal, getting the teddy bear was a good call.

Judging from the number of views the viral video has gathered, making the short film was a good call as well.

The adorable quotient on "Teddy Bear Meets Best Friend" is off the charts and well worth a couple of minutes of anyone's time. It will undoubtedly serve as inspiration for millions of future videos from future parents, because who wouldn't want to give their child gifts they can treasure forever -- like teddy bears and videos.

The Knutsons, who met while doing theatre together, decided to make the small film for the son shortly after discovering Aimee was pregnant. The inspiration? The stuffed bear, of course. That, and the incentive of giving their son a lasting momento of his first days at home.

The video, which runs just over a minute-and-a-half, took sixty hours to put together.

Chris and Aimee Knutson haven't named the teddy bear. They say they'll wait and let baby Henry do that. They also plan to make many more videos to chronicle Henry's life as he grows older.

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