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Find the spargel in Rostock's town market
Find the spargel in Rostock's town market
Reed Hellman Wordsmith

Aboard the Celebrity Constellation sailing from Warnemunde, Germany to Stockholm, Sweden. The Constellation is a cruiser’s ship. Do not look for an ice skating rink, climbing wall, or waterslide. This ship is for serious travelers, people who understand and value comfort, courtesy, and professionalism. And, great food.

Most everyone I talk with onboard has sailed numerous times before. The conversation around the dinner table focuses on past adventures and foreign ports visited.

Docking in Warnemunde I went ashore in Rostock, an old Hanseatic League city that retains some medieval splendor mixed with updated 21st Century overlays. The central shopping plaza on Kropeliner Strasse offers opportunities for foodies interested in trying Northern German street food. Several bakeries and a couple of confectionaries add dimension, and the open air Neuer Markt hosts produce and cheese dealers and a butcher. Prices tend to be half again higher than East Coast comparables.

While much of the produce appears shipped in, it is spargel season here, and each of the market vendors displays boxes of bulky, ivory-hued spears—the famed white asparagus.

Warnemunde, at the mouth of the Warnow River, is a modest Ostsee resort. Instead of a waterfront boardwalk, a promenade flanks either side of a canal that parallels the river. While the culinary choices rarely depart from the expected seaside resort fare, the nearly deserted beach stretches literally for miles.

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