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Beyonce wants cheating clause added to pre-nup with Jay Z

In the wake of countless  rumors about Jay Z’s infidelity, Beyonce is demanding that her pre-nup with Jay Z be amended to include a $5 million cheating clause. Details and reasons why in the article below
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Beyonce wants to add a $5 million cheating clause to her pre-nup with Jay Z in view of the persistent rumors about his infidelity and the many women he’s allegedly seeing on the side. Apparently there was no such clause in the original pre-up Beyonce and Jay Z signed when they got married in a private ceremony six years ago and now Beyonce is having second thoughts. According to a July 16 report from 3 News, Beyonce is insisting that their pre-nup be updated to include a cheating clause stipulating that Jay Z must compensate her to the tune of $5 million if he strays.

$5 million may be too little, too late

According to Yahoo News on July 15, demanding that new clauses be added to her pre-nup is Beyonce’s way of asserting herself. In view of all the speculation about her marriage and all the cheating rumors about her husband, Beyonce feels the need to send a message to the media, her fans, and Jay Z that she is calling the shots.

But while $5 million may sound like a hefty settlement for infidelity, it’s unlikely to deter Jay Z if he really has a wandering eye. According to Forbes, the rap mogul has an estimated net worth of $520 million. Compared to Jay Z’s total fortune, $5 million is really no big deal. Not only is it too little, considering Jay Z’s vast wealth, it may also be too late if the recent rumors about his many mistresses are true.

As a bigger deterrent to Jay Z’s alleged infidelity, Beyonce might be better served by demanding $5 million for each time Jay Z strays. Especially since he has been romantically linked to multiple alleged mistresses over the past few months.

Jay Z’s alleged infidelities

Prior to their secret marriage in 2008, Beyonce and Jay Z were together for six years. According to tabloids and celebrity gossip sites he’s been cheating on Beyonce the entire time. The list of women Jay Z has allegedly cheated on Beyonce with continues to grow and includes singers Rihanna and Rita Ora, in addition to groupies, female rappers and other women in the music industry.

However past media reports also include models among the alleged mistresses Jay Z is said to be seeing on the side. The list includes a French model in Paris with whom he was allegedly involved for a number of years, and a Trinidadian model with whom he purportedly fathered a child several years before Blue Ivy was born.

Mya, Casey Cohen, and Rachel Roy, the three most recent women Jay Z has been accused cheating with, have each come forward and given statements denying any romantic involvement with Jay Z. One alleged mistress, Casey Cohen, a hostess at 1Oak and former reality TV star, even threatened to sue one tabloid for claiming that she and Jay Z were carrying on an affair. While Casey admits to seeing Jay Z on several occasions, she adamantly maintains that the two of them were never sexually involved.

Jay Z hasn’t agreed to the addition of the cheating clause yet

Sources close to Beyonce and Jay Z say Jay Z has not yet signed the updated pre-nup with the cheating clause and other changes Beyonce wants to add. His attorneys are currently reviewing the amended pre-nup, but for the sake of his marriage, and because Jay Z loves Beyonce and doesn’t want to lose her, he is expected to comply. According to reports, he deeply regrets that the persistent infidelity rumors have caused his wife so much distress and wants to set things right.

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