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Beyonce uses Bieber mugshot on tour's giant screen: Act of pure genius?

Beyonce and Jay Z ‘s concert “On the Run” includes a set where Jay Z sings and pictures of mugshots flash across the giant screen on stage. When one of those mugshots turned out to be Justin Bieber, the social networks were on fire. The comments were polarized as some saw this as a wall of honor and others saw this as a wall of shame. Either way this was a move of sheer genius because everyone is chatting about it!

Beyonce and Jay Z on tour do a set with mugshots on their tour and when Justin Bieber's face appeared, Twitter lit up. Some felt it was a disgrace and others sang praises.
YouTube screen shot

According to the Huffington Post on June 28, the “faction of the Internet know as Bieber Twitter” were polarized with reactions, “outrage” vs. “pride.” The mugshots were shown during Jay Z’s song “Izzo,” and the music stopped then the screen flashed to his image.

Jay Z just happened to be performing his “Poof! Vamoose, son of a bitch” at the exact same time Bieber's mugshot was seen on the screen. Beyonce sent out a warning when Bieber's mugshot was glowing over the concert, “Even the greatest can fall,” according to MSN News.

The duo performed a 42-song concert during their first stop of the “On the Run” tour in Miami, Fla. on Wednesday night. The fact that Bieber’s mugshot was used as a warning for their show struck an unsettling cord with Justin’s fans.

Other folks took offense to Beyonce and Jay Z showing Tupac’s mugshot in the same lineup as Bieber's mugshot. They felt that was an insult to the late rapper. As Designntrend suggests today, Jay Z is a perfectionist, so when Bieber’s face flashed on the screen just as he came to the lyrics, “Poof, Vamoose, son of a bitch,” this was no coincidence.

Twitter was full of disparaging comments from some fans and praise from others for Beyonce and Jay Z using Justin Bieber’s mugshot. When Beyonce said “Even the greatest fall,” some of Bieber’s fans were thrilled that Beyonce considers him as “one of the greatest.”

Other people took offense with calling the crooner “one of the greatest” and grouping him in with Tupac. One fan wrote on Twitter that she “loves” Beyonce, but questioned why did she think it was OK to honor 2pac and Justin in the same performance, insinuating that Tupac was way above Bieber when it came to the "greatest."

The comments on Twitter were mixed, as some praised Beyonce and Jay Z while others criticized them for using the Bieber mugshot, reports DesignnTrend. Most of Justin’s fans who weighed in were furious to see Justin’s mugshot up there, as some felt Beyonce and Jay Z were “mocking him. The mugshots were a wall of honor of sorts because they were mugshots of some of the “greatest” who have fallen.

You cannot argue the fact that Beyonce and Jay Z are two of the greatest performers of modern-day. They know how to entertain and get people talking. The flashing mugshots were a stroke of genius. Here it is days after the concert and they are still headline news!

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