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Beyonce Versus Britney Spears: Your opinions

After I posted the article "Why is Britney Spears criticized more than Beyonce for similar onstage behavior?", I have seen many different opinions on the question. A lot of people do feel that Britney Spears is criticized more than Beyonce Knowles and here are some of the reasons that users expressed, here on the Beyonce Examiner, the Breathe Heavy Forum and around the web.
A few online readers have said that they feel that Beyonce gets less flack because people feel that they will be labeled as racist if they say anything bad about Beyonce.
“We'll Beyonce is black and they don't want to come across as racist and Britney is the easiest target there is.”
Fame and Popularity
Another suggestion is that Beyonce is just not as famous as Britney Spears, so the things that she does slips through the cracks, while Ms. Spears’ every move is scrutinized.
"Its simple:
Attack Beyonce and you'll get a hundred replies
Attack Britney and you'll get a MILLION replies..."
Keep Lives Separated
They can do anything onstage, no matter how R-rated, as long as they try to remain sweet and classy in their everyday lives.
At least that is the opinion of some readers. They say that because Beyonce is not in the tabloids behaving badly, she may get away with things that Britney cannot, when it comes to performances and music videos.
Matthew Knowles
One popular opinion is that Beyonce’s father, like the father of Jessica Simpson, may have complete control over her career, and blocks, pays or tries to prevent bad news that could hurt Beyonce’s career.


  • Paul 5 years ago

    I love both Britney and Beyonce and think of them as 2 completely different artists. Beyonce has a great voice and she puts on a good show, I saw her 2 weeks ago and was not disappointed. I saw Britney in London last week and was also not disappointed. I think every artist is out there to do the same thing, make money, like all of us, i mean why do we work?.....essentially to make money.

    Maybe its a more titilating article if it Britney getting poked for this and that, we all know it sells more papers and magazines. Whether its lip syncing or copying performance, theyre all realities of music and everyone does it. Some do it a little, some do it alot. But for me both are 2 women who have carved careers in the music business and maintained healthy positions in the music business for a decade and that requires hard work. That alone should command respect. Fan or not.

  • h.c 5 years ago

    lol at these "opinions", now let's bring on the "facts":

    RACISME: Actually one of the reasons Beyonce is the most hated women in the industry is because she's black, white people are hating on her & black people are hating on her & they are not affraid to express it, the blogs, gossip sites, fox news are a proof.
    FAME: this made me laugh so hard, Beyonce is the most relevent artist today, she's so popular that her falling on concert is news whorty, that's how obsessed with her people are.
    MATTEW KNOWLES: if that was true then why is there only negative things said about her, in the blogs, in gossip sites, in the news, why? people would do anything to find something negative about Beyonce even if it's not true.

    Beyonce is so criticized that even after years in the industry one day, a clearly fake audio of her singing like rihanna & britney drops & everybody accuse her of not being able to sing.

  • CW 5 years ago

    In my opinion, as an entertainer, Beyonce out works out shines and is better than Brittney. I love them both, grew up on Brittney spears and Destinys Child, and I can honestly say I respect Beyonce's lifestyle more than Brittney, so it makes Beyonce someone I look up to. I see her in movies, she works hard in her acting in her stage performance, and other aspects of her life. I saw Brittney go through a mental breakdown and it really turned me off. I know she is human and I still love her music, but it really affected the way I think of her.

    On stage, Beyonce owns. point blank. The main difference is Beyonce sings live and Brittney doesnt. Beyonce interacts with the audience more through her voice. I loved it. Knowing how to sing, how to use you voice and dance at the same time is what makes beyonce better in my opinion.

  • L 5 years ago

    Whoever hired this journalist should be having second thoughts now. A comparison on two artist without proper research, everyone should know Britney and Beyonce are two different artist and both of them are very popular internationally. Nothing is similar between the two, both make different music, both have different styles, and both evidently have different life styles. Only thing similar is their fame they're both very popular but that alone shouldn't make a comparison. If that's the case lets compare Britney to Oprah, I mean everyone knows Oprah just as they know Britney.

  • Marsha 5 years ago

    I'm sorry you feel that way L, but I've noticed that those who criticized me and the two Beyonce vs. Britney articles, have done so for the wrong reasons. I never said the two were the same or similar. I said both artists put on sexy concerts performances, but only one is criticized. That is what the articles are about.

  • L 5 years ago

    At the end of the day, looking for pictures of the two artists in similar attires and putting it side by side each other for this article, starts a comparison. The title make it's a comparison, "Beyonce vs Britney." Listing points of their career between the two is overall a comparison.

  • kevin ( ) 5 years ago

    Beyonce is on another Level, britney is just a plastic talentless girl that today is nothing in the music industry

  • Marsha 5 years ago

    L, of course were trying to compare them. Who said we were not? As I have repeatedly stated to the commenters here, the point of the stories is why one gets more flack than the other for overtly sexy concerts and performances. I'm sorry if you can't seem to grasp what I'm trying to explain.

  • CW 5 years ago

    I think the Beyonce/Brittney comparison is interesting. Both have reached massive international success through pop music and have built brands for themselves. But the vast difference in there lifestyles and there images is what truly separates them. Beyonce has managed to maintain a sqeaky clean image and keep much of her personal life to herself. As for Brittney, everyone knows all her dirt. She doesnt keep much to herself, and it has damaged her image. I dont think we would ever see Brittney sing for a president or perform on the Oscars like we have seen Beyonce. That stuff is now out of her league

  • lymn 5 years ago

    1. Beyonce is popular. Britney is super-duper popular.
    2. A lot of people know Beyonce. Everyone knows Britney.
    3. Some people hate both. Some people love both.
    4. Usually Beyonce is too cowardly to use her correct full name
    which turns many people off.

  • Mark 5 years ago

    Beyonce and Britney are not at the same leve of popularity? Wasn't it Beyonce who was just named the #4 most powerful, well known and influential Celebrity in the World, according to Forbes Magazine? She was right behind Oprah and Madonna. Where was britney Spears? Nowhere in the top 10.

    Britney is criticized more because she has more juice: her partying, her crotch shots, her sham marriage, her driving in the front seat with ur kid in your lap, your failed MTV performance.

    So it has nothing to do with popularity and everything to do with the fact that Beyonce isn't a tabloid whore because she keeps her private life private.

  • Jay 5 years ago

    Marsha,I don't know why you seem to be only defending Britney through all of this, it is biased.If you ever went to a Britney show you would see how R rated it gets and how she lipsyncs throughout the entire show.There is absolutely no reason as to why she cannot be critised for that.Beyonce also gets critised a lot by many critics and you seem to have (purposefully) forgot to add that to your article.Beyonce puts on a high energy show with no lipsyncing and wears COUTURE dance clothes from Thierry Muggler.

  • Faris 5 years ago


    Beyonce is famouse for the right reasons. TALENT

    Britney Spears can't sing or even dance nowadays

    that's why people respect Beyonce more

  • Faris 5 years ago

    Oh yeah

    Beyonce isn't as famous as Britney?!!!

    Are you joking?!

  • V James 5 years ago

    Britney can't be as popular as Beyonce.Has Brittney: Won 10 grammys?Performed at the Oscars?Have #1 movies?Been in the Forbes top 5?Sang for the President?And I Am Sasha Fierce is outselling Circus worldwide and in the US.Critics credit her for doing all of this and still giving a good show,unlike Brittney on the other hand...

  • Joe 5 years ago

    Britney Spears can sing and most importantly dances better than any other artist... she is also a good songwriter
    Beyonce can sing and write songs but her dancing is nothing compared to Britney's
    Britney makes hits after hits, her songs are legendary
    Beyonce makes few hits from time to time
    Britney's a huge performer with so much charisma on stage
    Beyonce is just a good performer
    so yeah Britney's definitely more talented than Beyonce... she's better and that's why she gets all the attention and people are more interested in her than any other artist !

  • Joe 5 years ago

    to V-James
    you can't compare talent with the number of grammys won
    i mean kanye west, lil wayne and such artists have won so many grammys while they have absolutely no talent in singing or dancing whatsoever !
    i say Britney Spears is better than Beyonce, but no one picks up on Beyonce cause blacks would say its racism, also Beyonce is popular among black people mostly, she said it herself that she only sings for black people, her success comes from the fact that all blacks root for her but i think she's too overrated !
    Britney Spears is multi-talented and turned out to be a strong and brave woman...

  • Robin 5 years ago

    I think it is because maybe Beyonce just has a better overall show than Brittney,don't get me wrong Brittney is also really really great.Maybe Beyonce's better because she has better music and videos and choreography,lighting and couture outfits as another person mentioned.We have seen people such as Katy Perry,Adele,Ciara,Alexandra Burke and Jay Z attend her concerts.With Katy Perry saying she is probably the greatest performer.So it is safe to say who the better is of the two.

  • Samira 5 years ago

    Oh for God's sake black people stop turning everything as racism
    Britney dances way better and has a sweet voice
    Beyonce can't dance and her voice gets very annoying
    plus stop giving lame untrue statements just to defend your opinions: "Britney can't sing live", "Britney isn't talented", blah blah blah...
    we all know Britney sings live when she's not dancing and her voice is just beautiful
    on stage Britney shines more, she owns the stage

  • V James 5 years ago

    @ Joe Who said you can't compare the 2 based on Grammy wins.And don't bring up the racism card cus that's so racist!Beyonce actually got white writers for her latest album on her I Am... side eg.Halo.Just admit Beyonce is better, the truth is that she has achieved more and you cannot lie about that.Being a celebrity,awards and success do matter.Brittney is great but she hasn't got 5 #1 songs in Us or earned 80 mil in a year.When she achieves this she will earn more respect.

  • CW 5 years ago

    Oh Joe. I am shocked by how delusional some of your comments are. Have you seen Brittney's recent performances. They are not good and they are not even comparable to Beyonce's. Brittney doesnt sing live and it makes her perfromances not as exciting. Yes Brittney has droped alot of hits, and so has Beyonce. Beyonce has 11 grammys. how many does brittney have.

    Why is I am Saash Feirce outselling Circus in the US and worldwide? How can you have good charisma on stage if you dont sing live. And no Joe, she is def not what she was back in the 90's and early thousdands. Whats interesting is Beyonce and Brit have been out the same amount of time. Bey starting off in DC and look how big Beyonce is compared to Brit.

  • Paul 5 years ago

    Another thing ive noted, all those photos above all have one thing in common. Beyonces similarities all came AFTER Britneys......

  • fatu sankoh 5 years ago

    h.c KOCK IT ON THE NAIL RACISM IF BEYONCE WAS WHITE THE WILL TREAT HER BETTER Britney thouse no wrong what she has done if bey half of that her carie will be over and kevin CW and Mark thans for saying what i wanted to say i love them both but beyonce is far better

  • man11 5 years ago

    ok you guys are seriously contradicting eachother lil wayne and other "artist" win tons of grammys and cant even sing a decent song without bleeps the lyrics are dumb and have no message and they dont have talent, dont act like you didnt like britney in the 90s everyone did. its like they say she was the driving force to bring pop back. she was instantly a international superstar. Yes beyonce has a lot of talent and an amazing voice but you all know the name Britney Spears world wide while beyonce has most of her popularity here in the U.S. Britney Spears still has her fire and the power on stage and no one can take it away from her. Beyonce is a great performer but the fact that britney makes people talk about her shows is what an artist needs. She has that "thing" that everyone loves and hates. Beyonce is amazing however and has her own qualities that britney doesnt have. they are both great and have different styles so its a tough comparison.

  • ana 5 years ago

    Britney SOLD 85 million albums,70 millions singles,#1albums,#1singles,#1tours,#1parfumes,most popular and most wanted artist,most succesful artist of our dacede...Beyonce one more artist in music industry!

  • max 5 years ago

    Britney have 9#1 hits WW...biggest teen idol ever,most succesful artist...she sold more then 85 million albums...Circus sold almost 4 million Sasha 4,2 and it is out before 4 weeks...and yeah WOMANIZER AND CIRCUS out sell her SINGLES!!!!

  • L 5 years ago

    to Marsha, and I'm sorry you cant seem to stop contradicting your self. first you say its not a comparison and now it is? Which one is it now? Cause all I'm reading from you is "I'm just going to start beating around the bush"

  • edoardo 5 years ago

    I dont know who is more famous in US (i think britney is) but in latin america and europe beyonce is nothing compared to Britney and i say it because i've lived in both places...

    And i think it happens the same in the rest of the world

    It's like comparing Madonna and Whitney... Come on!!!!

  • sam 5 years ago

    Beyonce screams in songs Britney sings so Britney is better!

  • Nat 5 years ago

    For me i think Britney is a million times better. But that doesnt mean Beyonce isnt good... Just that Britney kicks ass and rocks it to the max ! I saw her at the 02 and Britney was more than Amazing ! xxx

  • Kay 5 years ago

    It's so STUPID not to notice why Britney gets highly critized and Beyonce doesn't!!! Britney first started being critized when she went from innocent teen to very sexy. PArents didn't like that (which is stupid because she was growing up). Then she gets critized for her personal life and all the problems she's had the past couple of years. Beyonce doesn't have all of that. I'm not saying she's better but she doesn't have the "DRAMA" that other artists like Britney have. And Beyonce is just as famous and successful as Britney Spears! They are both known worldwide and sold millions of records!

  • Kay 5 years ago

    and Sam you said Beyonce screams in concerts and Britney sings...hahaha. Britney lip syncs every song she performs. Everyone knows her voice isn't great. She's just a fabulous performer and has great songs. That's why I like her. I don't like her for her singing because she lacks the ability to do so. Beyonce can sing waaay better!

  • QUEENBEY FOREVER 5 years ago

    Plz you guys gotta be crazy. Beyoncé shouldn't even be compared to that girl... She ain't no diva. Beyoncé is the greatest performer of our generation. You all r really funny saying Britney is a better dancer, even Madonna can dance better than Britney. Her performances r just lame. At least sing one song live. Just one! We all know you don't have the vocal ability like Beyoncé but still... BTW IF I WERE A BOY, SINGLE LADIES has outsold Britney's singles. Get your facts straight. Halo has also outsold if you seek amy. IASF has sold almost 700k in Uk, while circus is still struggling to get platinum. IASF OUTSOLD CIRCUS WORLDWIDE...

  • Greg 5 years ago

    Beyonce is jealous of white girls because they have REAL hair and white girls are FEMININE!

  • Sasha Firece 5 years ago


  • Kay 5 years ago

    Greg, you said that Beyonce is jealous that White girls (meaning Britney Spears) have real hair. Britney's hair is FAKE to you ASS! Even before she shaved her hair off, she wore weave. I guess it's ok for white chicks to wear weave but black chicks need to stay away from it. According to "Greg" that's what black female celebs should do...even though the whole female celebrity population wears weaves (long hair or short hair)

  • Brandon 5 years ago

    This is the stupidest article I have ever read...Comparing Britney and Beyonce is like comparing Madonna and Mariah Carey. End of story...I think you all can figure out where i'm going with that statement...Basically, Beyonce is a respected singer and songwriter. like Mariah, she's had hit after hit and is still a bonafide pop dive. Britney on the other hand is a tabloid darling. Like Madonna, she gets a lot of flack for her offstage behavior. Basically, Britney is more famous than Beyonce. Bottom line. Beyonce is like Oprah. Britney is like Madonna. Who attracts more paparazzi?? Brintey duh. Beyonce is boring. Britney is fun.

  • Roger 5 years ago

    If we are comparing them NOW, yes, Beyonce is outselling Britney. If we are to compare them overall, then Beyonce still has a long way to go. Britney will leave her mark in the music industry, and will be remembered for years to come. Beyonce is the flavor of the month now, but Britney stays a living legend. That is not to say that she's better than Madonna because Madonna is Madonna. I've gone to Britney's concerts twice, and once to Beyonce's. Well, the bottom line is that there is a fine line between who's just plain a performer and a person acting hard to be a performer. Beyonce is the latter.

  • Jaren NJShawty 5 years ago

    you all are so tired, lame, and uneducated if you actually think beyonce is no one to compare or can go against britney spears...rolls my eyes...i do believe it was beyonce who was on the cover of forbes this year and at #4 and the #2 musical entertainer over the last year...earning $87,000,000...thats 7 million more than she earned last year which was 80 someone stated before...brits the madonna....while beyonce is the Oprah...smh at who ever thought beyonce wouldnt be remembered in the entertainment culture...she withher group already has a hollywood walk of fame and will be one of a select few females who have more than one star like Diana...she will have 2...since beyonce went solo...2003....britney in each and everyway has failed...Failed...FAILED to o utsell Beyonce in any many regarding cd all brag at how brit is the biggest selling female artist of the decade...she will not next decade, lmao...miley cirus will top her...smh...Beyonce 9 #1s, 10 Grammys

  • Jaren NJShawty 5 years ago

    its so sad that people cant take the fact that Beyonce on overall appeal ahs surpassed dont get me wrong..i like britney...but when u look at things as a whole..beyonce is making music for the love of music...britney is making music because shes controled by her label to make them money...beyonce could stop today and be fine...brit could try and stop and have another melt down...yes britney this year of the two have the biggest earning tour...but when u go deeper.which of the 2 do u actually think is going to take in more from their touring...and i said before that bee was out sellin brit since she went solo..i retract that cuz shes been out selling her since 2001's Survivor....lmao and its the two have their new singles out radar a blackout left over..which i did buy and sweet dreams...i cant wait to see which of the older songs triumphs..i already know which will..this is Beyonces world..brits jus in it now...oh and it was so sad she brit, had to cry to sell

  • Jaren NJShawty 5 years ago

    off the latest cd all of beyonces singles when matched out performed ms placement and sales...of and a side note beyonce will be the 2nd female after alicia keys to have their 1st 5 albums debut at #1....when alicia releases this year...shes gonna take brits title, lmao...and trust beyonce will she has a 5 album deal...and when shes done her album her..shes gona get one of the biggest recording contracts of the last 2 decades...shes not a cash cow...shes a cash farm oh and beyonce is the only female artist ever to have alll of their albums debut at #1 and have a #1 from each album...this year beyonce will win a grammy...and make her 3/3 for grammy wins from each album..thats a bad...shut cho mouth.....i think brit will get nom this year for a grammy and may actually win...if gaga doesnt snub her...lets be real...i am an unbiased critic....i cant wait for the responses of my comments...smooches and God Bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aaron 5 years ago

    Britney is way better. Beyonce just screams and uses her arse to sell records, Britney at least, sells good sex.
    Britney has sold way more records and shouldn't be compared with black trash. End of.

  • Jaren NJshawty 5 years ago

    to say beyonce uses her ass to sell records is like sayin brit doesnt use her coochie to sell records literally

  • Jaren NJshawty 5 years ago

    ignorant trash thats worth more than ur precious spears, lmao...smh

  • Jay 5 years ago

    You Brittney fans are so delusional...Someone tell me one thing Brittney has over Beyonce!Please!Brittney cannot sing live or dance adequetly-even!How can you support someone who doesn't even sing at the show???What a waste of money!Especially in recession!That my friend Marsha is why she gets so heavily critised for it by the critics!

  • Kevin 5 years ago

    I agree with edoardo.May be beyonce is as famous as britney in US,but it doesn't mean it is still the same in the other countries.Actually I am from Myanmar .In Myanmar ,everyone knows britney and she is a superstar.But the people who know beyonce is very rare.950/1000 know britney and 1/1000 know beyonce.That's the difference.Britney has so many great songs and i don't know the great song of beyonce.Everyone knows womanizer but no one knows If I were a boy.I have never heard of that song If i were a boy before.Never mind i think it won't a great song .It is very clear that who is more famous all over the world .

  • ZAMZ 5 years ago


  • Nécym_tunisian 5 years ago

    Britney is absolutely better ! She rocks =P
    While Beyonce was original mainly her album B'day but know she became a failed singer with her last bad album " I am Sasha Fierce "
    We always Luv U Briit !

  • Chloe 5 years ago

    I am a massive Britney fan, saw her in Manchester and she was amazing. Equally I think Beyonce is good, they are both superstars end of :D. Britney rules

  • andy 5 years ago

    I love them both, and in all honesty i am not sure what the reasons is. I think it might have to be how when Beyonce performs she is Sasha Fierce where Britney is always Britney. I love them both and rarely think of them as the same catagorie. Im a bigger Britney fan but i think this article is totally biassed. Talking about how Mathew Knowles is in total control of Beyonce, how is that any different with what is going on with Britney?