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Beyonce's dress too "revealing" at FLOTUS Michelle Obama's 50th birthday party


Once again superstar Beyonce has grabbed the spotlight in a controversial way. While her new album is still riding waves of success, Beyonce has had her fair share of criticism that doesn't seem to be letting up any time soon. First Lady Michelle Obama was thrown a party for her 50th birthday Saturday night, and celebs such as Stevie Wonder and Samuel Jackson attended amongst her friends. Beyonce also attended the event and performed some of the First Lady's favorite hits, including "Single Ladies" and "Irreplaceable". However, her performance wasn't what created the online buzz.

Superstar has the world buzzing again, as she wears an extremely short party dress to First Lady Michelle Obama's 50fh birthday party to perform.

Beyonce posted pictures online today of her preparing for Michelle Obama's party, and while the pictures were stunning, many were outraged with her choice of dress for the event. Beyonce wore a super mini body hugging dress, with a hemline that seemed to barely cover her unmentionables. While the superstar has often wore less in concert performances in the past, many deemed this dress innapropriate and "classless" for a White House event, especiall an event that surrounded the First Lady's birthday. There were many people that felt that the singer was trying to upstage Michelle Obama on her very own birthday, and that the decision to wear such a short dress was very selfish and "skanky". Do you think Beyonce's choice of wardrobe was a little too revealing for a White House event?