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Beyonce too old for Sasha Fierce?


On this website, Beyonce Examiner, I came across a comment that said Beyonce was too old to be singing songs like "Freak 'Um Dress". Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but imagine my surprise when I saw that more users online thinks Beyonce is too old to sing and perform songs geared toward her Sasha Fierce persona.

Beyonce is probably in the best shape of her life and she puts on high energy shows that fans love. I have yet to see her stroll out with a walker to perform Crazy in Love or any other Sasha Fierce type, fast-paced songs.

Beyonce will be 28yo on September 4, 1981, how is that too old?

Madonna is 51, and she is still doing concerts, jamming and creating controversy where ever she goes. So I fail to understand why someone who is almost half her age is too old to sing about sex, if she wants to.

By too old, some of them are saying that she is immature to sing Diva and Single Ladies and some of her older sexy classics. According to them, Dangerously in love and other slow songs should fill her albums.

Apparently, at the ripe old age of 28, Beyonce should rest her bad hip on a stool as she croons a ballad.

Why do you think detractors are claiming that Beyonce is too old for some of her songs and performances?


  • nneka 5 years ago

    i so agree, people need to realize that beyonce has young fans like me(im 13) and we like to hear beyonce sing those songs and when did 27 almost 28 become to old for upbeat songs?

  • Faris 5 years ago

    I agree with you Marsha this time

    Beyonce is only 27 seven. She is the best entertainer in music. Let her do what she does best. She will give it up when she wants to. In the meantime, let her enjoy her time being a living legend

  • ashley 5 years ago

    i'm 14 and i love beyonce now 51 ok u can start talking look at all the other singers at 27 singing those type of songs like they just love to pick on her because they know that there is nothing wrong about her

  • h.c 5 years ago

    puh-lease, Beyonce is making their favorite artist look bad, she's sitting the bar too damn high so they make up a lot of excuses!
    she's too old or she needs to take a break, let others shine, I never undrestood this one, if you are talented enough you should be able to shine regardless if Beyonce is around or not & Beyonce doesn't own you anything, why should she go on break just so you can shine, she worked to get where she is today, why don't you do the same!

  • Sam 5 years ago

    Great point Marsha, I agree with you that why would Beyonce be too old at 27, and you have Madonna at 51. I believe that the haterz will make any excuse to get Bey out of the game because of the talent and following she has. She scares them, and she takes all the limelight away from their wannabes.

    Bey sings ALL kinds of songs for young and mature, she does not want to be pigeonholed like Britney who is still singing for the preteens--and she is also 27, imagine that.

  • Whatever 5 years ago

    I agree, she feels young so she acts young. She has a youthful spirit. I wanna bet that the people who left the comments either are people over the age of 50 or are people who are bored...
    Anyway, the haters will probably be pleased to know that that once this world tour finishes that she'll take a 2 year break and have children, do broadway and settle down.
    Im proud of Queen B for still being fierce. That's what I find cool about 51 year old Madonna, she is still making controvesial songs.

  • DCGuy 5 years ago

    Y even make an article out of this?

  • KiKi 5 years ago

    Beyonce is THE BEST entertainer since Michael Jackson...Anyone saying anything other than that is a HATER

  • KiKi 5 years ago

    She is an absolute fireworks show whether she's singing a ballad or upbeat song.. She is so much farther along in her presentation than any other artist and they are mad about it, and to top it all off, she can really sing...Go Beyonce...I love your talent...

  • GB 5 years ago

    The show was great!!!I loved all her child video it was so cute!!!After the show I've just been so obsessed with her.She brought the house down.Marsha can your next article be about what movie should Beyonce do next?I really want her to win an Oscar 1 day.I saw the trailer for Precious and I want her to do a movie like that what do you think?.I hope Mo'Nique wins for it.

  • CW 5 years ago

    27 is not too old. I love Bey's upbeat music.. its the best

  • Mizz D 5 years ago

    I love that you did this article,, on ur latest article with Loni Love makin comments there was sumone saying she was too old to be singing her songs and I commented on it. Its ridiculous to me. First off she is grown and can do what she pleases. Second the girl came out [In A GROUP] when she was 17 singing songs I believe were'nt her stlye and now she is doin that. Bey is the hottest thing and will be for a long time. I believe she'll go down in history like Micheal [RIP]. She's a beast, if she wasn't she wouldn't be in so many people's mouth. Tha gilr makin booku money,, who wouldnt hate on that??

  • R. Elizabeth C. Kitchen 5 years ago

    I don't think she is too old at all.

  • beyonceshubby124 5 years ago

    first off you cant be too old for something if youre not old. Beyonce is nowhere near old plus she's doing things that other people don't do dats wat matters. My baby aint too old for s***!!!!

  • amil2724 5 years ago

    U know what i love about this article and these comments?? I don't see no damn hataz on hurr!!! and if you do hate on beyonce... choke up da hatorade and move on!!! although she does enjoy her hataz cuz they ha motavataz!!! ya heard me???