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Beyonce sued after Chicago concert

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Beyonce is being sued by Raquel Castellanos and Gabriella Davidson, two women from Oak Park, Illinois in Cook County - which is in the Chicago area. Besides suing singer Beyonce, they are also suing Live Nation and the United Center where Beyonce performed on December 13, 2013, according to a Chicago Tribune report on Wednesday.

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Raquel Castellanos and Gabriella Davidson claim they were trampled as they headed into the United Center in Chicago. They claim that they were near the front of a large group of persons who had premium general admission tickets a few hours prior to the show.

According to the women and the lawsuit, another gate opened without any explanation, and that gate opening ignited the crowd of people to shift – and thereby trampling the two women. The two females who are in their 20s claim that they feared for their lives. Davidson was reportedly knocked unconscious and Castellanos broke her ankle in the incident.

Due to a Chicago Fire Department ambulance trip to nearby Rush Medical Center, the two stacked up some medical bills. Also, the suit claims that Castellanos lost work time and wages.

Beyonce, United Center Joint Venture, Live Nation, and Entertainment Inc. were all negligent in the manner in which they managed the crowd according to the lawsuit. The lawsuit asserts that security personal did not do anything to prevent the dangerous situation for concert-goers.

No word as to whether or not Castellanos and Davidson are 'single ladies.'

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