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Beyonce sparkles as Queen Bey introduces 'XO' live in London

Beyonce asked her audience to sing with her when she introduced her new tune called "XO" to a rapt London audience. The words to the song were scrolling on a giant screen behind Queen Bey whose sartorial statement, a turquoise blue gown from designer Vrettos Vrettakos and featuring hundred of thousands of crystals, was sparkling on the O2 Arena stage on Feb. 19.

Presenting Beyonce live in London
Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images
Beyonce, proud and pleased in London
Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images

The occasion, the BRIT Awards 2014, was a chance for Beyonce to debut her new single which she happily dedicated to her British fans. The superstar was backed by a blaze of neon, striking in its simplicity.

Meanwhile, this Beyonce performance was in stark contrast to her "Drunk in Love" performance with husband Jay-Z at the Grammys, held on this side of the pond in Los Angeles last month.

The American offering was extremely sexy (Bey wore her hair short and was in a skimpy Nicholas de Carle bodysuit that may have suffered a wardrobe malfunction) while in the UK, the 32-year-old was in full gown mode. She also had long, luxurious hair which could probably meant a long sitting for what must have been lots of extensions.

And so, as Beyonce sparkled as she introduced her tune called "XO," Queen Bey was in her glory as the gorgeous superstar all her fans and her family know and love.

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