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Beyonce & Solange Reunite In New Orleans

Beyonce and Solange together in New Orleans
Beyonce and Solange together in New Orleans

Beyonce posted another pic of herself and her little sister Solange hanging out together in New Orleans today. Beyonce made sure to caption it with "May 17th, 2014" let everyone know that everything is all good, or at least that's what Queen Bey wants us to think.

After rumors spread that Solange and Beyonce were beefing after that elevator fight between Solo and Jay Z, and it appeared the younger sister had removed almost all photos of her older sister from her Instagram account. This social media war move was seen by some as the start of and end.

Therefore, in order to retaliate, both sisters have been going on Instagram posting throwback pics with each other. Clearly attempting to prove they are just as good with each other as ever.

But it looks like all is well in Carterville.. at least for the moment.. and at least in this picture.