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Beyonce: Singer's hair cut out of stage fan by crew during Montreal concert

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Beyonce's hair became stuck in a stage fan during her concert performance in Montreal on July 22 making for a bit of excitement. Beyonce, like the pro she is continued to sing through while her stage crew worked to free up the singer's long locks from the fan blades according to TMZ reports on Tuesday, July 23.

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Beyonce was performing her hit "Halo"hen she strutted past a stage fan that sucked in a handful of her long hair. A member of her crew finally emerged with a pair of scissors cutting Beyonce free from the fan blades.

Following her concert Beyonce posted a note to her fans on Instagram explaining what happened, writing:

"Gravity can't begiiiiiiin/to pull me out of the fan again/I felt my hair was yankiiiiiiiin/From the fan that's always hatiiiiiiiin," she wrote. "I got snatched… goodnight all."

A happy, yet comical ending to a real hair pulling experience for Beyonce who shows once again being a celebrity is sometimes not as easy as it looks.

See Beyonce's hair problems video here.

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