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Beyonce says you can be sexy after pregnancy

Though quoting celebrities as reliable sources is not the most compelling form of journalism, if one happens to say something true and possibly even helpful to life, it is worth repeating.

Sexier after baby
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Recently, mega star Beyonce Knowles-Carter released a mini documentary sharing some of her most intimate thoughts to date (especially puzzling given the fact she once was so private). However, among her telling revelations was her quest to get her "sexy back", after the birth of her daughter Blue Ivey. She revealed that her You Tube "documentary", Self-titled Part 4. Liberation, was created to inspire women who have had babies, stating that you can feel sexy and look sexy after the birth of your children. Of course several hours of exercise daily, a personal chef, trainers and a supportive entourage don't hurt either, but the concept of staying sexy during and after pregnancy is not just a pipe dream (even for real life every day women).

As we all remember, "Cross-fit Mom" was ridiculed mercilessly for her attempt to maintain her health and wellness during pregnancy, but her concept was very similar to Beyonce's, though not as well received. She believes that women can be strong and healthy and beautiful while still being a great mother. By the way, the "Cross-fit Baby" was born safe and healthy and his mom, due to her hard work and determination, was left with a single digit weight loss ahead of her just days after his birth. Getting her sexy back should be no problem at all, (if she ever lost it in the first place).

Unfortunately, feeling wanted and loved and yes, even feeling sexy, can elude a new mom after delivery. Much of it is in her mind due to the sometimes topsy turvy nature of becoming a mom or adding to her brood. The truth is, dad and siblings often feel most blessed and grateful upon the arrival of the new little bundle even though mom may not realize it. They are grateful for your sacrifice. So maintaining a healthy outlook is paramount. The other part of a healthy outlook is simply staying healthy. Eat right, don't diet, don't starve. Maintain a healthy work out regimen (if approved by your physician). Last, be empowered and know beyond a shadow of doubt that by allowing your body to be a vessel to bring forth life you are partaking in the greatest, most selfless act of love on Earth.

Beyonce is right about ONE thing (although it probably didn't take a nearly pornographic video to say it). Nonetheless, she is correct that being a mom certainly does not make you any less sexy as a matter of fact it makes you the sexiest woman alive.

To see the documentary referred to in the piece click here. Viewer discretion is advised due to adult language and visuals.

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