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Beyonce's weight loss post-baby inspired new videos; lost 65lbs after Blue Ivy

Beyonce fans might have thought there might be something to the entertainer showing off her body in the new videos and they were absolutely right. According to the "Daily Mail" on Friday the accomplished artist wanted to show she lost all the fat that comes with having a baby. Beyonce lost 65 pounds after Blue Ivy’s birth and she is proud of herself.

“I was 195 pounds when I gave birth. I lost 65 pounds,” said Beyonce talking about her weight loss journey. “I worked crazily to get my body back. I wanted to show my body.”

Beyonce does show her body in the latest videos she released, The entertainer is seen in at least a half dozen costumes and each one reveals a different part of her body that looks smoking hot. Knowing that the fans are watching, it appears that the star exercised hard, ate correctly and kept on a program to watch the fat fall right off.

Beyonce has many moms looking at her and admiring. While it is one thing to think about getting your body back in shape after childbirth, but doing it is entirely different. Accomplishing the task and sharing the results has everyone wondering if they can too. Of course, the fans won’t be able to show off their figure in a music video, but that doesn't mean a stroll down the beach for all to see is out of the question.

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