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Beyonce's wedding tattoo for Jay Z gone: Missing tattoo spins bleak assumptions

O.K. folks, you just can't make this stuff up! On the heels of the elevator brawl the media world is now focused on Beyonce's finger that once sported a tattoo about the size of a baby aspirin and now it's gone. The tiny "IV" symbol was inked for her wedding to Jay Z and it represents their wedding date and birth dates combined.

Where is the tattoo on Beyonce's finger that represents Jay Z?

The most obvious reason the tattoo is getting a makeover would be to incorporate Blue Ivy into that number, which would explain why it looks as if it has been worked on with a laser. Instead it is somehow thought to be tied into the elevator brawl between Jay Z and Solange.

Beyonce and Jay Z are seemingly under a microscope since the elevator brawl with Jay Z getting pummeled by Solange. Today’s headlines are suggesting that Beyonce may have had her Jay Z tattoo removed on her hand because of what led up to that brawl, according to MSN News Wonderwall on May 15.

What does this mean? The "IV" she had tattooed on one of her five fingers was to honor her husband. Does this mean she no longer honors him? Is that missing tiny symbol a sign that things have gone south for the first couple of music? This sounds like a bit of a stretch. If your marriage is in trouble would a tattoo removal be the first thing you would head for? Probably not.

The tattoo had a somewhat detailed connotation as the "IV" had a combined meaning which referred to Bey and Jay's birthdays and wedding date. Now that is getting a lot out of one Roman numeral.

This tattoo is Beyonce’s wedding tattoo, and Hollywood Life today is another website suggesting she is having it taken off her hand with laser treatments. The tattoo is a smidgen bigger than the head of a pin, but in a side by side comparison picture of Beyonce's hand of "then and now," it looks as if it is gone.

Reports indicate that Solange got into Jay Z’s face and came at him kicking and screaming after he was seen flirting with Rachel Roy at the Gala Met after-party.

It seems that Solange is very protective of Beyonce and witnesses claim that Solange didn’t like how the two were hovering around each other at the party. When Jay Z announced that he was going to a bash that Rihanna was throwing alone, supposedly that really set Solange off.

Rumor has it that Rachel was also going to that party and Solange stuck up for her little sister asking Jay Z why he can’t just go home? Solange and Rachel were good friends, so there’s no telling where that friendship stands today.

Did Beyonce erase her wedding symbol in the form of a tattoo off her finger, or does she just have a patch of red irritated skin hiding it today? Could she be getting ready to revamp the number to reference the family of three instead of a family of two? One thing that this secret elevator brawl did was put Solange in more of a limelight than she’s ever seen before.

Could this all just be some creative PR for Solange's up and coming album? According to the Daily Mail her album is due out soon, but there is no buzz about it, "which is a bad sign in the music industry." Well if there is no buzz about the album, there is certainly enough buzz about Solange, so she's hit the ground running! After all this people will be curious to hear Solange and compare her to Beyonce now that everyone is fully aware that Beyonce has a feisty sister who also sings.

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