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Solange Knowles attacks Jay Z in elevator: Viral video of Beyonce's sister rage

Beyonce’s sister and Jay Z got into an altercation in an elevator with Beyonce trying to get in between the two to stop the fight, but that didn't work. Solange Knowles was intent on getting to Jay Z and she wouldn't back down. She continued to punch and kick her brother-in-law. This incident was caught on the security video inside the elevator, which shows just the three of them and a body guard in the elevator, according to Fox News live on May 12.

Beyonce's sister kicks and punches Jay Z while the three ride an elevator.
Photo by Christopher Polk

AZ Central is also reporting that some kind of fight broke out between Jay Z and Beyonce’s sister, as you can see on the video above. This is not anything you would expect to see from the first couple of music, but tempers ran hot inside the elevator, famous folks or not! Check out the video above of Beyonce's sister, who is determined to get her hands on Jay Z.

Solange Knowles was with Beyonce and Jay Z in the elevator after a Met Gala-after party at the Stanford Hotel in NYC. The three step into the elevator when Solange is seen screaming and lunging at Jay Z relentlessly. This incident is described as a “violent attack," by AZ Central today.

This did not look like a couple of people having fun and teasing each other, this appeared to be one serious altercation between the two. Neither Jay Z or Beyonce raised a hand to Solange to fight back, they looked as if they just wanted her to stop. The power couple had a body guard with them who took care of restraining Solange so she would stop striking out at Jay Z.

ABC News reports that Jay Z’s sister-in-law was intent on getting her blows into the rapper. The video shows Solange walking up to Beyonce and Jay Z and punching and kicking him. The elevator video tape lasted 58 seconds. That must have felt like a long elevator ride for the first couple of pop music and their body guard.

Solange is either very strong or she was mad enough that she conjured up extra strength because she manages to cause the body guard to lose his grip on her a few times. There has not been a word said about this altercation from either Beyonce or Jay Z. Solange has also kept quiet on the incident.

Beyonce posted a “prayer to God” on Instagram and some suggest that maybe she was sending her sister a subliminal message? Wouldn't you have loved to have been a fly on the wall in that elevator, what was going on?

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