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Beyonce's Grammy wins aren't popular in Indianapolis


Beyonce a producer's puppet?
(Source: AP)

Beyonce might have won six Grammy awards, but her win isn't popular with many music fans in Indianapolis. Jorge Cavalos, owner of the nightclub Ozone in Downtown Indianapolis, believes she is overrated. "She has a good voice, but that's about it. She is more like a producer's puppet." His girlfriend Sandra Rodriguez completely agrees.

"She just doesn't seem genuine. She can sing and I give her credit for that, but she's boring. I bet you her father has something to do with her Grammy wins!" Ms. Rodriguez states. Local Indianapolis student Darren Jones is even more harsh.

"She can't even sing; she whines!" His mother Chandra likes some of Beyonce's songs, but thinks she'll fade away very soon. She is more complimentary towards Taylor Swift.

"Now, there's talent. Taylor Swift has talent. She is an actual musician. Beyonce isn't," Mrs. Jones believes. Despite all the negative reaction, Beyonce is scheduled to release a new album later this year.

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  • Stay pressed Mariah fans 5 years ago

    The 5 GOOD Reasons We Love Queen Beyonce:-

    1. She is still sexy after 12 years of hard work.
    2. She has never flopped, when you’re fave can barely go gold?
    3. She is more talented than your has- been ever was.
    4. She sweeps every award show leaving you fighting back tears.
    5. She is young n georgeous: the cover of fashion magazines
    6. She doesn't have a boobs job like your hoochie mama

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