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Beyonce's Grammy performance criticized by parents as "too risque"

The 2014 Grammys aired last night and, surprisingly, Beyonce is the center of the usual post-show controversy. The show kicked off with an unbelievable performance by Beyonce featuring husband Jay Z. The 32 year old, mega star mother blew the roof off and even brought out her husband of 5 years (the couple have been together a total of 12 years) to sing with her hand in hand.

Looking elegant at the Grammy's; Beyonce rocks the red carpet
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Beyonce, wearing a black thong leotard with mesh stockings, used only a chair as a prop while singing her hit single "Drunk in Love". Apparently this performance did not sit well with some parents. Parents are "outraged" at the "very risque" performance Beyonce put on at last night's Grammy awards, says According to , viewer Katie Stapp wrote, "Come on people!! Yeah Beyoncé has an amazing voice but that outfit?!?!? Completely no class. Give children something to look up to #absurd." Along with other discontent parents that had quite a bit to say about Mrs. Carter. Considering it is 2014, the Grammys air at 8:00pm EST and a certain "role model" for kids today's VMA performance, did Queen B really cross the line?

There are a few factors that have Beyonce fans coming to her defense. First of all, Beyonce is a 32 year old mother of one who has worked hard to look as good as she does. Second of all, she has been with her husband, with whom she had her first child with after 3 years of marriage, for 12 years. Beyonce and Jay Z made it a point to let people know they are still as much in love as they were 12 years ago. They have done everything right when it comes to what relationships and marriages should be in Mr. and Mrs. Carter fan's opinion. Also, the fact it is 2014 and people know what these shows may or may not contain performance wise; and air-time of the Grammys, 8:00pm on a Sunday. Some question why parents would let their children stay up on a school night to watch questionable television in the first place. Beyonce is not the quintessential "kid/teen" idol; she appeals to a broad demographic while the celebrities that ARE deemed as "role models" for the younger generation, because they ARE the younger generation, are getting arrested and putting out music and performances about drugs and sex without even being legal to drink.

Did Beyonce really go too far or are the parents that are exposing their children to late night TV speaking out of turn?

What are your thoughts?

Katie Thulin

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