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Beyonce’s dad shocks fans: Jay Z, Solange’s elevator fight might be fake

Beyonce and Jay Z looked like a loving couple on the VMAs stage last weekend. Jay Z was holding Blue Ivy and hugging his woman and the cuddle moment between Beyonce and Jay Z had everyone believing that there was no tension in their marriage. According to MTV News on Wednesday, the Jay Z and Solange’s elevator fight seen on video which started the rumors about the strife in the marriage might be fake. Talking to reporters, Beyonce’s dad, Mathew Knowles has suggested publicly that the moment was a publicity stunt.

Mathew Knowles says the Jay Z, Solange’s elevator fight might be fake
Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

What? Why would two top named entertainers do such a thing? Knowles went on to explain during a radio interview on 104.1 in Houston that this was to help the tour and Beyonce’s record sales. With the tour selling out at many cities around the world and Beyonce’s album increasing 200% in sales, it might be a plausible point, but there are many skeptics.

Before discounting the idea of a fake elevator fight, the site TMZ is reporting that the Mathew Knowles was Beyonce’s former manager and if anyone knows how this situation might work then it would be him. Previously privileged to see behind the scenes, the man was part of the pack when it came to sharing the music of Beyonce.

Would Beyonce, Jay Z and Solange conspire to fake an elevator fight to draw attention to their music? It’s an odd accusation, but then again anything is possible in the music business. And who really knows the truth about this situation? Maybe Mathew Knowles is focused on drawing attention to him by using Beyonce's name.

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