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Beyonce's Dad is a Deadbeat Father to 3 Year old son!

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I know that we would prefer to think that Beyonce was just birthed from Mama Tina Knowles, without Matthew Knowles anywhere in the picture. Well that is just not how it works...and if it were not for Matthew Knowles, we would have no Beyonce nor the fabulous Solange. ...or the poor little son of Alexandra Wright, Nixon Knowles.

Oh yes, that is the name of Matthew Knowles love child. The one that he created while he was still married to Miss Tina Knowles.

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Well here is the latest tea on Matthew Knowles and his Baby Mama. Well apparently he owes 32,000 dollars in back child support. *pause* And Alexandra Wright is now on public assistance!! Your tax dollars hard at work for Matthew Knowles raw dogging.

Really tho? You know that this man has money from all of his managerial work, the work he USED to do with Beyonce and all of the companies that he invests in. Why has Matthew Knowles NOT paid his child support? Shame on you, you dead beat Dad! How UN-Classy of You!

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What say you about Matthew Knowles back child support? Should Queen Bey and Jigga step in to help her little brother and her Dad's former side chick? Holla Back!

Classily Yours,
Sharelle D. Lowery