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Beyonce’s butt gets replicated; ‘Beyonce’s Booty’ latest plastic surgery trend

Beyonce is the queen of entertainment right now. Not only can the entertainer sing and dance, she looks hot. Perhaps that is why so many people are looking to go under the knife to look more like the star. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry on Friday, there is a growing interest in getting a “Beyonce Booty.”

Miracle Watts shows off her surgically enhanced  'Beyonce Booty'
Miracle Watts / Instagram

Apparently the procedure is exactly how it sounds. It is surgically sculpting one’s backside to look like the famous artist. The plastic surgery is expensive, but people do find that the look attracts more attention from the opposite sex and gives people a reason to ask about the comparative look. Evidently the look is so hot that a fan actually slapped Beyonce's booty during a concert.

Miracle Watts is one Beyonce fan who got the surgery and doesn’t have any regrets. The woman could be mistaken for the artist, if looking at her from the back. Media Take Out is quick to point out the woman appears happy with her star-like look. Offering up some tight fitting gowns and the right wig and it appears to be a perfect match.

“What you want... What you need,” wrote Miracle Watts on her latest picture showcasing her backside. The fans are still talking about how much she looks like Beyoncé even though she got the surgery.

While people are getting surgery to look like Beyonce, there is a question if Beyonce ever had surgery herself to have a butt like hers. The celebrity has repeatedly denied any work ever being done, but the same can’t be said about the fans as they are lining up to go under the knife for a "Beyonce booty."

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