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Beyonce's Blue Ivy and Jay Z photo: Divorce rumors squashed and family intact?

What’s a famous woman to do? Beyonce divorce rumors just pop right up no matter how happy the two appear in public. It seems her latest attempt to battle the Beyonce-Jay Z divorce stories is seen on Instagram where she’s posted a picture of Jay Z and Blue Ivy in a loving embrace, reports Softpedia on July 31.

Beyonce posts picture to Instagram squashing divorce rumors!

While she’s not in the picture, the words of endearment that she used as a caption might be an attempt to snuff out those die-hard rumors of divorce. Beyonce writes: “My favorite hue is Jay Z Blue,” as a caption for the picture of the idyllic photo showing father and daughter on the beach.

As the Huffington Post suggests, “It looks like rumors of a potential Beyonce and Jay Z divorce may be just, well, rumors.” Beyonce’s posting of a picture that's sharing a heartwarming moment between her daughter and husband doesn’t appear to be the actions of a woman looking for a divorce, especially after the caption.

This vacation photo might slightly snuff out the rumors as some folks still have their doubts today. The couple’s persona of a fairy tale-like home life was blown to bits when the fight in the elevator between Solange and Jay Z went public. The rumors conjured up all types of reasons for Beyonce’s sister to be belting her husband behind closed doors of an elevator.

Later it was learned that his overwhelming amount of time spent with Rihanna was the origin of that tiff. Apparently Jay Z was planning on heading over to Rihanna’s the night of the elevator fight, which took place at an after-party for the Met Gala.

Jay Z is a kingmaker among singers and apparently his dealings with Rihanna are purely business, but Beyonce and her sister might have had other ideas that night. It looked as if Beyonce’s sister was convinced that the Jay Z’s interest with Rihanna was not all business, evident by the brutal beating she gave her brother-in-law.

The trio did put out a statement shortly after the elevator incident equating themselves with other families who have to work through problems. This was the first time the walls came down to expose the ideal couple's relationship’s flaws.

Today with the rumors still circling the drain, Beyonce’s picture of Jay Z and Blue Ivy together, along with her endearing caption, might seem to be an attempt at damage control. You can take one look at the picture and read what Beyonce has to say and it gives you plenty of reason to question the validity of the divorce rumors.

Fans aren’t forgetting that Beyonce has changed the lyrics of a song now and then while on stage with their “On the Run” tour. The few times that she has done this it seems to hint to Jay Z’s infidelity. She’s shed a few tears while singing those lyrics on stage, but on Instagram they look perfectly happy.

This latest photo does seem to knock the divorce rumors out of the ball park. Only time will tell if the marriage is intact or ready to be put out to pasture!

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