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Beyonce’s alleged surrogate sues Beyonce and Jay Z to get Blue Ivy back?

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Beyonce and Jay Z are being sued by a woman claiming to be Blue Ivy’s surrogate mother and she wants to be financially compensated for the use of her eggs. No, the self-proclaimed surrogate is not looking to get Blue Ivy back, but she wants to be paid. In the maternity lawsuit filed by Tina Seals in New York, Seals says she is Blue Ivy’s biological mother. She’s requesting that a judge legally terminate her maternal rights to Blue Ivy and officially grant full custody to Beyonce and Jay Z, pending compensation from the court, according to Radar Online on Aug. 15.

Details of maternity lawsuit against Beyonce and Jay Z

Seals is currently unemployed. According to on Aug. 15, her last known employment was with investment banking firm Berkery Noyes in 2007. In the legal documents Seals filed she says that through a mutual acquaintance she provided DNA eggs to Beyonce and Jay Z and wants to work out some sort of contractual arrangement with the hip hop couple which would compensate her for her services with reference to Blue Ivy.

Since paid surrogacy in the state of New York, is illegal, while unpaid surrogacy is not, Seals is also requesting that she be absolved of any criminal liability associated with the unlawful use of her DNA for the parties involved. She is also requesting that DNA testing be conducted on Blue Ivy to confirm that she is the biological mother of Beyonce and Jay Z’s 2-year old daughter.

Seals further states in her legal documents wants court-mandated mediation pending testing results. She says that Beyonce and Jay Z are great people and she wants to preserve her relationship with the couple after all is said and done.

Could Seals legitimately be the surrogate mother Beyonce used?

It’s a well-known fact that Beyonce was suspected of faking her pregnancy and using a surrogate mother to give birth to her daughter Blue Ivy. And there are still tens of thousands of people who still believe that to be the case. Could Tina Seals possibly be the surrogate mother Beyonce used?

According to information being reported by other media outlets, this is not likely to be the case. There is a wealth of evidence that Seals has a history of such lawsuits, having sued other celebrities, including Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, President Barack Obama, Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, and Prince William and Kate Middleton, in the past.

All of Seals’ previous celebrity lawsuits were deemed frivolous and were quickly dismissed. Given Seals’ history, it is expected that this maternity lawsuit against Beyonce and Jay Z will be dismissed, too. If Beyonce, did indeed use a surrogate mother to give birth to Blue Ivy, it’s unlikely to have been Tina Seals.