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Beyonce rumored to be pregnant with second child amid rumors of divorce

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Beyonce is rumored to be four months pregnant with her second child and plans to announce her pregnancy at an upcoming concert for her On the Run tour, according to Ecumenical News on July 23. The rumors that Beyonce is pregnant with baby #2 come in the midst of reports from multiple news outlets that she and Jay Z are also planning a divorce.

According to a news report on July 24 from Beyonce-Jay Z divorce rumors have gone viral. They are reportedly planning to officially end their marriage at the end of their On the Run tour. Beyonce and Jay Z’s marriage is reportedly on the rocks and they are no longer wearing their wedding rings.

Their marriage has been the subject of unwelcome scrutiny ever since the widely publicized elevator fight between Solange and Jay Z. They have been plagued with infidelity rumors and Jay Z has been accused of cheating on Beyonce with a number of women including Mya, Casey Cohen, Rachel Roy, Rita Ora and Rihanna, just to name a few.

Pregnancy rumors coupled with rumors of divorce

However, it’s a bit of a stretch to believe that if Beyonce is really pregnant, that she and Jay Z are on the verge of a divorce. At least one of these rumors – if not both – must be false. But the pregnancy rumor has allegedly been confirmed by one of Beyonce’s close friends.

Lil Kim reportedly made a backstage visit with her old friends Beyonce and Jay Z during the New Jersey leg of their "On the Run" tour. She brought along a bottle of champagne to toast the couple but Beyonce would not accept a drink. Kim, who recently gave birth to a baby girl, asked Beyonce “What’s going on, are you . . .? But before Kim could complete the question she reportedly said Beyonce cut her off with a big smile and answered “Yes.”

Adding to the pregnancy rumors are observations from Beyonce’s fans who analyze every detail of her appearance. They claim that recent photos of Beyonce show a definite tummy bulge.

Is Beyonce really pregnant?

Is Beyonce is really four months pregnant? Would the pregnancy rumors make sense if the divorce rumors are really true? Would Beyonce and Jay Z split if they are expecting another child?

Sources report that Beyonce and Jay Z had high hopes that the birth of Blue Ivy would bring about positive changes in their marriage and rekindle their relationship. Unfortunately if the cheating rumors and tales of marriage problems are true, their strategy didn’t work. Or it may be possible that as a last ditch effort, Beyonce and Jay Z have decided to give this strategy one more try.

As for the imminent pregnancy announcement, perhaps Beyonce plans to share the news at the end of her On the Run tour in much the same way she announced her first pregnancy at the MTV Awards in 2011. We’ll just have to wait and see.