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Beyonce planning to surprise us with a Katie Holmes - Tom Cruise divorce?

Beyonce may be following Katie Holmes’ lead by secretly getting a place of her own and moving out with Blue Ivy behind Jay Z’s back before filing for a divorce. It’s the strategy Katie Holmes used to hit Tom Cruise with a surprise divorce 2 years ago
Photo by Michael Buckner

Beyonce may be trying to pull a “Katie Holmes” by secretly getting her own apartment, moving out behind Jay Z’s back, and divorcing Jay Z like Katie Holmes did with Tom Cruise two years ago. Beyonce recently viewed a $21.5 million penthouse in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood, according to Realty Today on July 29. This is the same neighborhood where Katie Holmes moved with Suri when she pulled her surprise divorce on Tom Cruise. However, the big difference is that Katie Holmes leased her multimillion Chelsea condo for $12,000 a month, but according to Fox News on July 29, Beyonce is looking to buy.

Similarities between Beyonce and Katie Holmes

Prior to filing for divorce, both Katie and Beyonce lived in luxury apartments with their famous husbands in New York. Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise and their daughter Suri lived in an 8113-square-foot apartment in Greenwich Village which they purchased for $15 million in 2009. Katie moved out of their marital home behind Tom Cruise’s back and into her Chelsea condo while Tom was in Iceland shooting a new film.

Beyonce, Jay Z and their 2-year-old daughter Blue Ivy currently live in a posh 8,309-square-foot Tribeca apartment, more than twice the size of the Chelsea duplex penthouse Beyonce was recently shown. The Carter family is currently traveling together for Jay Z and Beyonce’s On the Run tour. Rumor has it that when the tour is finished, the couple plans to divorce.

Beyonce and Jay Z’s obsession with privacy

Beyonce and Jay Z are obsessive about their privacy, so we can be certain that the media will not get a “heads-up” about the power couple’s divorce in advance. On July 28, the New York Post reported that Beyonce’s publicist hung up on them when they called to confirm what they had been told. Jay Z’s rep informed the Post that she was unaware that either party was looking for another place to live.

News outlets, tabloids, and celebrity gossip sites will have to depend on talkative friends in the couple’s inner circle to find out what’s really going on. When the much rumored Beyonce – Jay Z divorce finally comes, it will probably be as quiet as their wedding was six years ago. It was an ultra-private affair with only 40 family members and intimate friends, and was not announced until almost 6 months after the fact.

Is Beyonce following Katie Holmes lead?

Beyonce may be taking her lead from the Katie Holmes – Tom Cruise divorce. By the time the media got wind of the fact that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise had split, Katie had already filed the paperwork for her divorce. Weeks in advance, Katie Holmes had secretly located a new apartment for herself and Suri and moved into it behind Tom Cruise’s back. By the time the split was public knowledge, Katie’s paperwork for her divorce was already in the works.

Perhaps Beyonce is planning on pulling the same stunt. This would certainly explain why she would be secretly checking out apartments on the sly. Despite the couple’s grand display of loving affection and togetherness onstage, is it possible that Beyonce would take Blue Ivy and move out behind Jay Z’s back? When the big day comes, will Beyonce tell Jay Z in advance that she's leaving? Or will he find out like Tom Cruise did -- after the fact? Only time will tell. We just have to wait and see.

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