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Beyonce, Nicki Minaj 'Flawless (Remix)' full of flaws, Remy Ma's track better

If Iggy Azalea didn't seem indifferent enough about Nicki Minaj's catty line at the 2014 BET Awards, she definitely will be after hearing her verse on "Flawless (Remix)." The Beyhive may also be at a loss for words for how much this remix was gassed up only to be the biggest letdown.

Beyonce and Nicki Minaj release 'Flawless' Remix.
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What saved "Flawless" on the 2013 self-titled album was the latter half featuring Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, not the original chopped and screwed version. Without that feminist-themed excerpt, both fans and foes are left wondering, "Who exactly is trying to take her spot?"

Keyshia Cole was lambasted on Twitter for saying, "First ‘Women need to Stick together’ now b**ches better Bow. Smh. But it's all G! Chicks stay shooting the s**t."

No one really appears to be arguing with Beyonce. There's enough room in R&B for everybody. It's rappers who usually battle their way to the top. Without that girl power theme, Beyhive members (read: me) are left thinking, "Keyshia may have a point."

Of course "I woke up like this" is catchy enough to want to repeat, but the original track seemed more bitter on Beyonce's part although Keyshia was the one given the title.

"Flawless (Remix)" also addressed the Solange elevator scene. The problem is she's talking tough on the song but did absolutely nothing while on the elevator.

Her response, "We escalate up in this b**ch like elevators/Of course, sometimes s**t go down when it's a billion dollars on the elevator."

Folks barely making minimum wage can have a fight escalate to the elevators. A billion dollars or no dollars, that explanation was no explanation at all. Instead of a cash register and a maniacal laugh, what would've been a better line was why she stood there like a bystander without popcorn.

There's always been a love-hate relationship with Beyonce rapping. Yes, she knows the latest slang (ex. thots) and yes, she thinks she "look good as f**k." But why is being ratchet over having class somehow this great accomplishment? There's enough ratchetness on reality TV and your local corner.

It doesn't have to be either/or though. Beyonce did surprisingly well on "Yonce" and left listeners wanting to hear a much longer track. However, Queen Bey's verse on "Flawless (Remix)," like pretty much every other rap verse she's done, left much to be desired. As a singer, a model and a humanitarian, she's incredible. But much like acting, rapping isn't her strongest point. It doesn't need to be though. She's an amazing artist, but she keeps highlighting her weaknesses by repeatedly going back to her most apparent artistic flaw.

And her counterpart, introduced with an Outkast instrumental from "SpottieOttieDopalicious," is no better.

Nicki did more of the humdrum about how she's on top and threw in a tacky reminder of how Michael Jackson died. But in the last few years she's had no real competition no matter what the Barbz believe. The greatest female emcees are enjoying being newlyweds, running talk shows, battling health issues, doing voiceovers for everything in the world and (unfortunately) dealing with tax evasion.

Her only real competition right now is Iggy Azalea, and the Australian rapper is letting the charts speak for themselves. Iggy may have not taken home a BET Award, but she made history on the Billboard Hot 100. "Fancy" has the longest record for a female rapper on a lead track. She even managed to pass Lil' Kim, who originally held the crown for 2001's "Lady Marmalade" compilation.

You're only on top when someone is there to challenge you. And the one person who challenged her is off enjoying motherhood. Lil' Kim is also the same person who Nicki Minaj has copied off of twice from clothing style to photography poses.

What should be getting more attention is Remy Ma's new track "They Don't Love You No More" after she was finally released from prison this past week. Now that is an example of a flawless track. Take a listen.

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