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Beyonce news: Media now onto Beyonce’s family photo damage control

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Beyonce is using family photos as a form of damage control to combat divorce rumors but the news media is now wise to her tricks. According to WESH 2 News on August 9, a growing number of news outlets, tabloids and celebrity gossip sites are aware that Beyonce has been flooding her Instagram account with pictures of her daughter Blue Ivy and happy family pictures that include her husband Jay Z. Her intent is to stem the relentless rumors of marriage problems, infidelity and imminent divorce which have been plaguing the power couple for the past few weeks.

Steadfast in her belief that a picture is worth a thousand words, Beyonce has chosen respond to each rumor about her marriage to Jay Z with pictures which depict a loving, blissfully happy family enjoying each other’s company without a care in the world. However, On August 8, celebrity gossip site pointed out that Beyonce’s damage control strategy has not worked since the rumors of marital strife are still going strong.

Now that the media is onto Beyonce’s scheme of using photos to put marriage rumors to rest, the timing of each new picture she posts on her Instagram account is carefully scrutinized, as well as what message Beyonce is trying to convey. One source claims Beyonce was specifically advised to post a new picture of Blue Ivy in response to each new rumor that makes headline news. Beyonce has evidently been following this advice because she posts one or more family photos each time a new marriage or divorce rumor crops up.

However, the more diligently Beyonce follows this advice, the more transparent her strategy becomes. Fans and media alike are now well aware that Beyonce’s “happy family photos” are deliberately staged. One media outlet went so far as to document a number of recent rumors about Beyonce and Jay Z, along with a link to Beyonce’s corresponding Instagram photo response. Everyone has become conditioned to anticipate a new family photo from Beyonce whenever a new rumor starts making Internet rounds. Both fans and media alike now realize that this is Beyonce’s strategy for damage control.