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Beyonce negotiates new pre-nup amidst persistent Jay Z cheating rumors

Beyonce is demanding that new clauses be added to her original pre-nup with Jay Z when they married 6 years ago.
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Beyonce is upping the ante on her marriage to Jay Z by demanding that new clauses be added to the original pre-nup she negotiated when she married Jay Z six years ago, according to a report from Yahoo News on July 15.

Under the terms of the original pre-nup between Beyonce and Jay Z which was negotiated before their secret marriage in April 2008 Beyonce would receive $5 million for every child she and Jay Z have together if they were to split.

3News reports on July 15 that Beyonce is now demanding that the pre-nup be amended to add a cheating clause which would provide her with another $5 mill if Jay Z strays. Based on the number of women Jay Z has been accused of cheating with, She probably should add another clause that would give her an extra million or two for each woman he has cheated with.

Jay Z has been accused of cheating with several women, including Casey Cohen, Rachel Roy, Rita Ora, Rihanna, Mya, a model in Paris, a purported baby mama in the Caribbean with whom he allegedly fathered a son long before Beyonce was born, and a number of others.

Three of Jay Z’s alleged mistresses, Mya, Casey Cohen and Rachel Roy have recently come forward to deny being involved with Jay Z. Casey Cohen even threatened to sue saying she and Jay Z were never sexually involved, though she did admit to seeing him several times.

Among the other pre-nup clauses Beyonce is currently said to be negotiating with Jay Z is a clause which stipulates that Jay Z must spend more time with her and Blue Ivy. Numerous media outlets in the past have reported that Beyonce was upset about Jay Z spending too much time partying and not enough time with herself and their 2-year old daughter, Blue Ivy. Beyonce does not want Jay Z to be away from them for more than 10 days and wants this clause added to their existing pre-nup too.

The widely reported Solange – Jay Z elevator fight turned an unwelcome spotlight on Beyonce’s and Jay Z’s marriage, causing it to be scrutinized and speculated about in a way that it never has been before. Despite Beyonce’s aggressive damage control strategies, the infidelity and divorce rumors refuse to die.

Sources say that despite the united front they present onstage during their summer On the Run tour, Beyonce is still extremely angry and feels humiliated and embarrassed because of the relentless rumors that Jay Z is cheating, or has cheated on her. Renegotiating her pre-nup and demanding that the new clauses be added is Beyonce’s way of asserting herself and showing everyone that she’s in charge and that her to Jay Z is strictly on her own terms.

Despite all the cheating rumors, the anonymous source adds that Jay Z is very much in love with his wife and feels regret that the embarrassing infidelity rumors have caused Beyonce so much distress. He has not signed the amended pre-nup yet but it is allegedly being reviewed by his lawyers. Since Jay Z wants to get back in Beyonce’s good graces, and doesn’t want to lose his wife, word is that he will probably sign the new pre-nup agreement or some version thereof.

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