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Beyonce may be 'Queen Bey' but Shakira is the Queen of Facebook

Shakira is one who is personal with her fans on social media and it just makes us adore her more.
Shakira is one who is personal with her fans on social media and it just makes us adore her more.
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Queen Bey may be at the top of the news these days with her new teaser out this week for “Fifty Shades of Grey” and for her philanthropic endeavors, but Shakira made the news on Friday as, officially, the most popular person on Facebook, reported the Wall Street Journal. WSJ dubbed the ‘hips-don’t-lie’ performer as the “The Queen of Facebook,” and it certainly seems to be true. On Sunday morning, the count on her page rang in to the amount of 100,606,102 likes, while Beyonce’s page rang in to a mere 63,163,874 likes. Shakira's numbers mark a new milestone in social media.

Shakira’s page wasn’t always so hoppin’. According to WSJ, just a short time ago, Shakira’s page saw posts that only received one or two likes, despite her popularity. Often, the pictures that were posted on her page were amateurish, but they were personal and real. It seems that the artist posts on the site as many Facebook users do, intimately, personally, celebrating with followers of her page life landmarks like the arrival of her new baby boy, Milan, in 2012 and her appointment as one of UNICEF’s Goodwill Ambassadors (2003).

The artist doesn’t just advertise or promote through hired arms who do these things for her. She personally takes part in posts on her page. “I can interact meaningfully with [fans] on a regular basis and the response is immediate,” she related to the Huffington Post. She further said that reaching such a landmark (and being the very first to do so) was never an intention. It was “a really welcoming and heartwarming surprise,” she said.

Keeping with her habit of personally interacting with fans, Shakira immediately thanked her Facebook followers in a video that was full of warmth and gratitude. By Sunday morning, the video had received almost 700,000 likes, had been shared close to 16,000 times and had received more than 25,000 comments.