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Beyonce knows break-ups

No one writes a break-up song better than Beyonce. Her song "Irreplaceable" off of her 2006 B'Day album had every girl singing "to the left, to the left" and throwing a peace sign into the air. It was a song that teaches ladies that right around the corner is someone new, someone better than the one you had to leave behind.

She created a phenomenon with her 2008 release of "If I Were a Boy" where she changed up the gender roles. Her music video depicted the meaning behind the lyrics she wanted to convey. Through song, she both crooned softly and belted out emotionally how it feels to be neglected, unloved and taken for granted.

Now it's 2011 and Beyonce's back with her single "Best Thing I Never Had" in which she sings, "I bet it sucks to be you right now". Even with her lyrics full of attitude, the song is a ballad of moving on from someone that maybe you were never meant to be with in the first place. She knows how to express the emotions that millions of girls have felt or will feel when it comes to relationships. She turns a heartbreaking situation into an empowering one and luckily for her fans, her music tends to reflect the upside to relationships as well. She doesn't sing about not needing a relationship. She sings about not needing a relationship with someone who isn't treating you with the respect and love you deserve.

Music is a good therapy when mending a broken heart. It's knowing that someone is singing exactly what you're feeling. It's knowing that eventually a song will play itself out and around that time, a new tune will get stuck in your head. Break-ups are never fun, easy or sometimes even understandable. The thing to remember is that the hurt and lost feelings don't last forever. Maybe a song won't be the cure, but it can be an indirect way to hear the things that will help heal you in the end.

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