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Beyonce Knowles to announce divorce from Jay Z at VMAs [Report]

After weeks of rumors, Beyonce Knowles will finally openly discuss her future with Jay Z on the set of the MTV VMAs on Aug. 24. Beyonce has had it with all the divorce rumors and she’s ready to clear the air about her reported marital problems, Hollywood Life wrote on Aug. 15. Every day rumors fly about the alleged infidelity that threatens the couple's relationship and many people have stopped believing in their image of a 'perfect match.'

An inside source told HollywoodLife that...“Beyonce wants to tackle the rumors in the best way she knows how, on stage." The source added...“During her performance, she is looking to do something to hopefully silence all the haters and the critics but, in true entertainment fashion, to make even more questions come out of it. She wants to make a statement that people will be talking about for a very long time.”

The 'On The Run' tour, in which the couple is currently involved with, is a real success but there are many rumors that the only relationship between Beyonce and Jay Z is the one observed on stage. Many media sources say it is a fictional relationship that is used to keep alive the image of an exemplary couple with a combined net worth of around $1 billion. A source previously told US Weekly that the two "stayed separately" while in New York and L.A. for their 'On The Run' tour. Furthermore, Beyonce recently went without her husband to look for apartments in Manhattan, including a $21.5 million penthouse in Chelsea.

Since the May 5 Jay Z-Solange elevator incident, the public has begun to doubt whether the "perfect couple" is actually so perfect. Rumors of the couple's crisis have been increasing since the beginning of summer and though Beyoncé has tried to silence them, the press has continued to speculate. In fact, in these tabloids statements, friends of the couple say they barely speak when they get off the stage.

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