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Beyonce keeps everyone guessing about the status of her marriage to Jay Z

After changing the lyrics of one of her songs to suggest that husband Jay Z cheated on her multiple times, Beyonce releases family photos on her Instagram account indicating that everything is now okay. Should we believe the lyric or the pictures?
Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images

Beyonce heightens the mystery surrounding the status of her marriage to Jay Z. After changing the lyrics of one of her songs to indicate that Jay Z cheated on her multiple times, reports on July 3 that Beyonce has posted pictures indicating that her marriage is okay.

On July 3, Ace Show Biz, and numerous other media outlets and celebrity gossip sites are reporting that on the heels of altering the time frame to personalize the lyrics of Resentment, a song about mistresses, cheating and infidelity during their joint On the Run Tour, Beyonce is now sharing happy family photos of herself with Jay Z and Blue Ivy together giving the impression that their marriage is back on track.

Despite reports that Beyonce and Jay Z were leading separate lives and avoiding each other offstage during their joint On the Run Tour, pictures of the couple together indicate that these rumors were obviously untrue.

Recent photos show them relaxing on a yacht in Miami after the opening concert in their On the Run tour. New pictures show the couple with their 2-year old daughter at a family outing taking in an art exhibit together at the Domino sugar factory in Brooklyn, New York with giant sculptures made entirely of sugar. .

Practically every week, new rumors surface about Jay Z and some other woman he is, or has been allegedly seeing on the side. The rumors of infidelity go hand-in-hand with the persistent rumors that Beyonce and Jay Z are cheating on each other, and are secretly planning a divorce at the end of their On the Run tour.

A news report from on July 3 suggests that the happy family photos like the passionate onstage kisses and the wedding footage being shown in the background at their On the Run tours are a form of damage control being employed to divert attention away from the cheating and divorce rumors and shut down the constant speculation that their marriage is in jeopardy and that they are having major marital problems behind the scenes.

This is a strategy Beyonce has used in the past – most notably following the widely publicized Solange – Jay Z elevator fight which continues to be mentioned in practically every article about the couple since the incident occurred following the Met Gala Ball. Beyonce’s diversionary tactics and damage control strategy didn’t work then, and it remains to be seen if they will be successful at squashing the persistent rumors about them this time around.

Do we believe the altered lyrics of Beyonce’s song, or the impression conveyed by the happy family pictured posted on Beyonce’s Instagram account? Is Beyonce and Jay Z’s marriage on the rocks? Or is everything between them okay. Only time will tell. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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