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Beyonce, Jay-Z to fight alleged surrogate? Shocking Blue Ivy custody rumors

Beyonce and Jay Z face new rumors about Blue Ivy
Beyonce and Jay Z face new rumors about Blue Ivy
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Beyonce and Jay-Z have been fighting off the divorce rumors after they ended the North American tour and head to Paris for the “On the Run” tour in September. Looking to form a unified front, the entertainers were seen by the paparazzi playing with their child together. According to The Stir on Saturday, the entire family went to a kart racing track for a little fun.

However, if the famous couple needs to calm the rumors about the alleged surrogate of Blue Ivy, they might need something more than a photo opportunity. In fact, they might want to hire the biggest and maddest attorneys they can find. Now the news about their daughter alleges that Blue Ivy isn't their biological child. Hollywood Life is reporting that a woman named Tina Seals filed suit against Beyonce alleging that she was the one who carried Blue Ivy and now wants custody. Keep in mind that Blue Ivy is now a two-year-old child.

What makes this story so far-fetched? According to Hollywood Gossip, allegedly this woman has filed other lawsuits against stars for similar reasons. Allegedly Kim Kardashian, Mariah Carey and Kate Middleton have all been victim to this situation and the unfortunate spotlight that comes with the allegations.

Beyonce has been victim to rumors of Blue Ivy not being her child since the day she was born. It’s sad that people can’t appreciate that the Hollywood couple has a daughter. And it’s even more upsetting that she can’t admired without some bizarre reason. (Blue Ivy is so cute and adorable!)

Beyonce and Jay-Z remind their fans on a daily basis that being rich and famous means that people seem to feel they can attack them for no justified reason. Hopefully those lawyers that Beyonce and Jay-Z hire will hit back with a force as being a celebrity doesn't justify alleged frivolous claims just to get 15-minutes of fame off the backs of talented individuals.