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Beyonce, Jay-Z & Rihanna issue continues to make waves online


The rumored split up between the two giant artist is still one of the hottest topics online this evening, July 29, 2014. Based on a posted article of The Huffington Post, divorce is about to occur for the music’s biggest power couple. Several weeks ago, Beyonce and Jay-Z became the talk of the town when a video of Solange Knowles kicking Jay-Z while riding in an elevator after the Met Gala circulated online.

Reports claimed that Solange was forced to act like a Taekwondo expert because of a rumored meet up of Jay-Z and Rihanna after the Met Gala. Since then; even though the tree of them chose not to say something about the issue, some observers confirmed that something bad is happening between the power couple.

Incidentally, Beyonce and Jay-Z are currently touring with their “On The Run” tour according to Forbes. “Their 'On The Run' tour is expected to gross US$100M,” Forbes revealed. Meanwhile, despite the issues and intrigues that continue to spread not only in the U.S. but also in different parts of the world because of their celebrity status, Rihanna and Jay-Z are still keeping their silence regarding their rumored scheduled meet up right after the Met Gala.

Rihanna, who is undoubtedly one of the biggest stars in the entertainment world, is the subject of conversation of the netizens this morning, July 29. Based on the latest report, Rihanna/ who has sold more than 80 million records worldwide, became the trending topic of the netizens when the New York Judge Abraham Clott who is sitting on Rihanna/Stalker case has shockingly admitted that he does not know who the singer is.

The starker issue started when a certain Kevin Mclynn allegedly stalked and harassed the popular entertainer. Reports claimed that Rihanna was forced to put her own sprawling estate in Pacific Palisades, California on the market after owning it in May because of Kevin Mclynn.