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2014 Winter Olympics

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Beyonce is heard in Sochi? Kate Hansen’s pre-game ritual is dancing to her music

Kate Hansen gets in the Olympic moment by listening to Beyonce music
Kate Hansen gets in the Olympic moment by listening to Beyonce music
Photo by Adam Pretty/Getty Images

Olympian Kate Hansen has a pre-game ritual and it has everything to do with Beyonce. The American luge athlete gets her fierce competitive edge by dancing to Beyonce before she gets ready for her Winter Games performance. While this might sound crazy, the pre-game ritual has impressed the fans. Kate Hansen’s dance moves have gone viral. According to Yahoo Sports on Tuesday the young athlete will dance to Beyonce before her event and she doesn't care who is watching.

Thank goodness the athlete doesn't care as it appears the world is looking. After the ritual was revealed to the American viewers, it appears that Beyonce fans around the world have stepped up to support the Olympic athlete. Agreeing that dancing before any major event is a great idea with Beyonce music, it seems that the world has bonded with Kate Hansen.

The American luger is one of hundreds of athletes who have pre-game rituals. While some may dance and others visualize, the reasons for the rituals usually include calming the nerves, offering a focus or just plain superstition. Whatever the reason for Kate Hudson, her pre-game ritual has gone viral with people around the world admiring her dancing moves before her event.