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Beyonce Instagram: Digitally cut flesh theory for photoshopped 'thigh gap'

Beyonce’s legs look to be a victim of photoshop, as the odd shape seen around her thighs are something you would see when the flesh is trimmed digitally. This is a picture that Beyonce posted herself to her own Instagram account. Why would the woman, who is known to have a knock-out shape in person, want to trim away pieces of her thighs?

Beyonce Instagram thigh gap raising eyebrows and angst!
Instagram/ Beyonce

According to on April 11, many celebrities complain when their pictures show up missing little pieces here and there when they become artwork of the media using photoshop. This time it does look as if the celebrity might have taken the liberty herself to touch up the image. The picture is of Beyonce golfing in what looks like a two piece bathing suit.

Her inner thigh on her right leg seems to have an unnatural crook in it, but as the writer at AOL suggested, the swing she is about to take with her golf club requires her to tighten those muscles while she is in the crouched position. This is not a position you would normally see Beyonce in, so it could be that all you are seeing her is her muscles tightening up.

The Huffington Post addressed this thigh gap as something a bit more serious, citing the women who “fixate on the thigh gap” who suffer from eating disorders. If Beyonce really did crop a piece of her thigh off to accentuate that gap, this isn’t sending the best message. The Huffington Posts points out the many Tumblr blogs dedicated to the “potentially unhealthy phenomenon of trying to achieve that thigh gap.

Some of Beyonce’s fans took time out to register their angst when looking at this latest picture. Many were disappointed that she would actually try and make her shape more perfect than it already is by using photoshop. One Twitter user seem to say it all with Really@beyonce? We all love your thick thighs. No reason to photoshop a thigh gap in there.

Another Twitter user just straight out showed their disappointment in Beyonce’s own handy work saying, "Quite taken back by the fact Beyonce photoshopped her legs." This is reminiscent of the guy who photoshopped the Target models for the catalog. In one picture he had a piece of the crotch missing making the legs look eerie and he gave the same model stick figure arms. What do you think about Beyonce’s Instagram picture posted above?

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