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Beyonce has nip slip at Grammy Awards while opening with Jay-Z?

As anticipated, Beyonce and Jay-Z were the opening act for the Grammy Awards 2014 on Jan. 26. What wasn't anticipated was that the diva might suffer a nip slip while she was performing, as is intimated by more than one report.

Beyonce: Grammy Awards nip slip?
Beyonce: Grammy Awards nip slip?
Getty Images/various photographers

But did Beyonce suffer a nip slip?

Well, depends on your definition.

Here's the scene: The power couple belted "Drunk in Love" to the mights roars of appreciation from the audience. However, at one point Bey was showing more of herself than she had originally intended when she chose to wear a black leotard and fishnets on the Staples Center Stage.

During the number, Beyonce was rocking out so hard that while her fabulous body was highlighted by blue strobes as she was navigating a ice cream parlor chair, one of her nipples came out from inside her wardrobe to be on show for public consumption.

However, the ever prepared high profile personality was wearing covers on those parts of her breasts so technically she didn't suffer a nip slip but rather a nip cover slip.

In any case, Beyonce was afflicted by a wardrobe malfunction at the Grammy Awards 2014. However, this professional didn't skip a beat when that happened. Instead, she continued to perform with Jay-Z as the Twitter-verse went into overdrive.

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