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Beyonce flashes toned midriff; fans freak when Kim Kardashian copies Bey's poses

Beyonce flashes her midriff with a fashionable look
Beyonce flashes her midriff with a fashionable look

As fans know Beyonce's style is not Kim Kardashian's fashion so the ladies usually impress the fans with their own personal looks. Lately the fashion of Beyonce and Kim has become a fierce competition. On Monday Kim Kardashian posted pictures on Instagram that mimicked photos Beyoncé posted only hours earlier. Don’t think this challenge went unnoticed by Beyonce fans. According to International Business Times on Tuesday, the fans were outraged. Revealing to the online community the alleged copycat pictures, Beyonce fans took their issue to Kim Kardashian directly and people are suggesting the reality star needs to stop copying Beyonce.

In question is the Beyonce’s photo with a three-panel selection of her wearing a white top and revealing her toned midriff. Her look also offered a glimpse at her long sexy legs. Kim Kardashian’s fashion was all white and had a midriff as well. She too used a three-panel picture. In fact her photos were so close in comparison that her body was shifted to look exactly like Beyonce’s poses.

While the two stars are in different parts of the celebrity world, there appears to be some issues with who has better fashion. Beyonce might be blazing great looks and awesome fashion, but she is being shadowed by the reality star in fashion. The fans are looking at Kim Kardashian and since her style is so close to Beyonce’s it has people wondering who came up with it first.

Looking at the pictures on Instagram, there is no doubt that the fashion competition between the two stars is real. The question remains who came up with the midriff fashion first? And does it count that Beyonce posted her pictures first?