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Beyonce: Ego music video from Above and Beyonce DVD

I was about to ask if it wasn’t a bit egotistical for Beyonce to make this alternate version of her music video “Ego”, but then I noticed the irony and wondered if that was the point.
You see, this version has Beyonce sitting in a chair the entire. You will just spend almost 4 minutes staring at her lip synch to the single. If that’s your thing, enjoy the video below.
Whether or not you liked the original, at least it had dancing and change of scenery. Was this extremely boring version necessary? Unless your a huge Beyonce "I'm your number 1 fan", most people won't watch this twice and most won't get through half of it the first time.


  • Faris 5 years ago

    IT's called the fans version Marsha!

    leave the girl alone

  • Kay 5 years ago

    I like the Ego song but I didn't care to much about the video because it was like Single LAdies. It wasn't a bad video it just seems like we saw it Single Ladies lol. Then I was happy to know that a Ego video was coming out with Kanye West on it and when I saw it, i saw that they just added KAnye to the previously recorded video which upset me. I think this one when she's alone is just for fun though.

  • kay 5 years ago

    It's just a fan version, I doubt it will be released to stations. Her fans LOVE stuff like this and she just did this as something special for them.

    Even though this is just a little something extra for the fans, I can't help but notice that Beyonce is better performing in a chair than some other female artists are when they're dancing. She killed it without even having to stand up!

  • Tesh 5 years ago

    I thought Beyonce was great in her EGO solo song. She is beautiful in the video and was a lady, by being sexy without opening her legs while sitting down.

  • mercedea 5 years ago

    i believe beyonce is tryin 2 be more orignal rumors of her swagga jackin ppl was ruinin ha career and sittin inna chair is creative i dare ciara rihanna or other bitches 2 dat

  • VIctoria S 5 years ago

    Marsha you must be Beyonce's no.1 hater if you become a journalist just to be against her,saying Britney is better and bashing her week after week.How do your editors let these type of biased articles go through?Beyonce made it a fan version of the song and many of her fans actually like the remix video if you go on youtube.You seem to not enjoy anything she does.

  • Edson 5 years ago

    I really liked it. She seems to have a lot of fun in her chair.

  • h.c 5 years ago

    wow! Bey is killing all these bishes in the industry, I rather watch Beyonce cute little self on a chair then watch Britney, rihanna, keri, ciara...performe.

  • mzcat21 5 years ago

    i really liked this video better if she would have did this one first nothing would have been said bad about it. But on the other hand the real video reminds me of single ladies video.No i didn't like the one with Kanye. Bey is so used of moving n dancing she almost danced right out the chair I LOVE HER.She is a performer that's what she do. So stop HATING. Could u sing and dance like her NO SO LEAVE MY ENTERTAINMENT ALONG

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