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Beyonce dissed by comedian Loni Love


Not everyone is pleased about Jay-Z’s “Death of Auto-tune”. Some people are angry because they feel like Jay-Z is trying to tell them what to do and what music to listen to. During an interview, with Sherri Shepherd, they discuss this single and his views, until Loni Love puts out her own opinion.

She tells Jay-Z that he should like auto-tune because without it, his wife Beyonce Knowles would not have a singing career. The other two women seemed stunned for a bit and appear to cower and try to retract the statement and let everyone know that they do not share Loni Love’s opinion.

You think that they are afraid papa Knowles will punish them too, when he goes after Ms. Love?


  • yo 5 years ago

    Where would this world B, w/o Bit**!!// like Loni love

  • yo 5 years ago

    Loni Love only stand as far as her last stand up, so she say sh?!, to stand on Hov shoulders......cause she can't stand on her on.........I w/ the ROC

  • CW 5 years ago

    I can honestly say i have never heard Bey use Auto tune. and if she has, please tell me where

  • h.c 5 years ago

    the other two didn't cower they just didn't wanna act like an arrogantly ignorant person the way Loni did.

    when did Beyonce ever use autotune?? that's what I wanna ask arrogantly ignorant Loni, when?

  • greg 5 years ago

    Beyonce is a fake hair nasty foot unfeminine ghetto bitch. It's nice that a "sista" can speak her mind and criticize her

  • Kay 5 years ago

    I actually like this Beyonce Examiner site. It has some interesting Beyonce topics on here. First off, Beyonce never has used auto-tune, and she sings live at every concert. Secondly, She just hating, you see the other girls didn't agree, not because they are cowards cuz they're not, it's because Beyonce is a great singer/performer.

  • CARMINE DAVIS 5 years ago


  • Troy 5 years ago

    Who gives a flying f*uck about Beyonce or her damn father. I don't know who died and made her "Queen of Nobody can say nothing bad about her." And all these b*tches on here co-signing for her fake ghetto made ass. She probably has used autotune and every other tune. I'm not a hater, but that b*tch Beyonce has already been exposed several times for lying about writing her own songs and not only that everytimes they "give" her a role she lies and says she's admired and listened to the person she's playing for years, i.e., Etta James, Diana Ross, Tina Turner etc., and the bitch probably hasn't played not one of their cds...her music, song style doesn't signify she has any influences by any of these singers. Then she tried to sabatoge the Dreamgirls role and soundtrack and take the spotlight off of Jennifer Hudsons performance and show-stopping song, by adding her own song to the soundtrack "Listen"...and nobody actually Listened to that mess. She needs to step aside seriously.

  • Anna 5 years ago

    Though I am a Beyonce fan, I have to agree with Troy on some of his thoughts...Beyonce is overrated and in my opinion she needs to grow musically, especially from this last cd Sasha Fierce. Though some of the songs where good, She needs to step up her game and stop trying to be competitive with these younger artist who are the one's that should have the type of music that she's putting out. She needs to grow and mature with her music by putting out grown folks music. She is 28 years old and her music should reflect her age group.

  • Trish 5 years ago

    I'm sick of that Hoe Beyonce for real.

  • Mizz D 5 years ago

    Whoa Anna,, Bey is def 27. She aint 40 to be singing on some Luther Vandross type stuff yet?? You act like she singing bubble-gum music. What does that say for Keri Hilson or Jazmine Sullivan?? Their in their mid-twenties also and they sing about being in love and other topics like Bey?? You must not have listened to her whole CD other than her singles for you to make a stupid comment like that?? And Troy,, Bey has never used Auto-tune,, and what in the heck gave you the impression Bey is ghetto?? The bish is from the upper-class area of Texas?? WTH get your facts straight. I get tired of people bashing her like she makes these statements herself! Its people like you that give her a bad name. Second Listen was an original song from BDay butthole. They took that song from her album and used it in the movie. And when did she play Diana Ross or Tina Turner,, I missed those movies??? And when was she ever exposed about not writing her own songs?? And if she didnt stfw!! Get ya facts rite,,

  • ludie 5 years ago

    Who actually cares if she uses auto tunes or not? Some people like Beyonce' and some don't. I happen to like some of her music and some I just dont care for. Loni love was stating how she feels plain and simple. Who are we to judge her for that. Some people are just getting a little tired of her that's all.

  • kelis 5 years ago

    people are really jealous of beyonce that's all. loni is mad because she is fat and she doesn;t like herself stop hatin on beyonce and jay-z

  • jdog 5 years ago

    yall need to stop hatin on bee shes amazing and has worked her butt of to get where se is today. what has loni love done (nutinnnn) so yall need to think before u diss beyonce

  • Jen 5 years ago

    Beyonce is way over played. She is not as good as people hype her up to be. I really wish people would stop being all up on her because it's "cool".

  • tomira 4 years ago

    Beyonce! u will always be, beyond ur enemies. Queen B lots of people admired& wanna hav d same opportunity as u. u are a role model. feel fufilled. cos, u're d Queen