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Beyonce denies photographers their paychecks during Mrs. Carter Show World Tour

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Photojournalists and concert photographers take note, you won't make a dime from a single editorial image of Beyonce when she comes through your town for the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour. News outlet Huffington Post reported today, April 24, that if you officially request credentials for Beyonce you will be denied and the problem stems from those unflattering Superbowl photos from two months ago. Beyonce has hired photographer Frank Micelotta to handle all tour photography, according to Huffington Post, and his approved photos will be available for news outlets after each concert.

Let me make this clear, this is an unusual step for a musician to take and it denies numerous photographers a paycheck for their work each night of the concert tour and it sets an unflattering tone between the publicity machine and the media. The media should never be denied access to events that affect their community and such overbearing measures as demonstrated by Beyonce's publicity machine are a disgrace to the notion of a free press.

This standoff between Beyonce and the media could have been easily avoided. It strikes me as utterly insane that no one in Beyonce's management and tour crew bothered to photograph the half time show rehearsal and see the horrific faces being made so that changes in the stage show could have been made. Did no one in charge of the stage show see what Beyonce looked like on stage before the show went live ? Beyonce wasn't failed by the media, she was failed by her most inner circle of advisers and crew members that dictate every move of her live show. Of course the ultimate person who failed Beyonce was herself for knowingly appearing before hundreds of cameras and making silly faces. If Beyonce wants to appear beautiful, elegant and graceful in her concert photos then she simply needs to perform in a more controlled manner that exudes the qualities she wants to have in the press.