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Beyonce can help you burn more calories (and so can Pharell)

Shake your groove thing like Beyonce and knock off a few extra calories.
Shake your groove thing like Beyonce and knock off a few extra calories.
Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

Workouts, which ever form you choose, can become mundane at times. So amp it up and make them more enjoyable by choosing some jams that are a sure fire method to help push you past the monotony of the "every day" workout and help time fly by while you're having fun.

Burn it up!
Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

None of following are an endorsement of the artists but merely a listing of some energetic tunes that can aid in an otherwise run of the mill workout day.

Beyonce's Run The World (Girls) is a quirky women's empowerment anthem (at least that is the intention as stated by Beyonce). The lyrics are questionable at times, but the beat it undeniably intoxicating. She admits that the wild, girating undertones of the dance moves for the video were "borrowed" from urban dancers with roots in Africa. The eclectic mix of slightly dissonant melodies merge into one electrifying sound that sparks the senses and encourages even the most sluggish body to move. It is not the longest song ever, however, it would serve as a promising beginning to any workout...possibly a warm up or stretch.

Happy, by Pharell Williams was over hyped and over played unfortunately, so by now, it could be overlooked for its truly valuable message and uplifting chorus. The name says it all. If you haven't tired of hearing it played ad nauseam, this thematic little ditty could bring a smile to your otherwise grumpy face in the morning as you mount the recumbent bike or elliptical machine. It is bright and airy and most people can't listen to it without feeling at least a little bit happy (even if it is the millionth time you've heard it).

Firewok, by Katy Perry is one very catchy song that could possibly make you forget about that very steep incline on the treadmill. Listen to the words and you may just begin to believe that you are indeed a firework and you may just be able to blast through your next work if you throw this tune on. The music is loud, uplifting and happy. No wonder it was used for one of the most climatic moments in Madagascar 3. For roughly 4 minutes you can light it up and burn those unwanted calories with this high flying track.

If you secretly love your kids music, like many closet parents do, feel free to steal their MP3 and turn on any one of the short but sweet tracks offered by today's kiddie TV shows. The Nickelodeon band, The Fresh Beat Band or Disney's Sophia are two shows that offer really great music. Though orchestrated with children in mind some of the tunes are suitable for adult ears too. A few examples are the theme song to Sophia The First as well Perfect Slumber Party where the tiny vocalists exhibit some big skill and the accompaniment will draw you in.

Just because it's corny does not mean it's not effective. Admit it, some of your favorite music was first a movie or TV theme. So why not add some to your playlist to inject an unexpected perk to your workout. The theme to Great American Hero or Kenny Loggins' Foot Loose (just to name a few) could put the pep back in your step as you reminisce on the carefree days of childhood.

Inspirational music can be jam worthy as well. Don't overlook artists like Kirk Franklin or Mary Mary for some uplifting and energetic tunes for the gym, I've Been Looking For You (Kirk Franklin) and Heaven or Shackles (Mary Mary), can jump start a sluggish workout almost as well as the most up beat secular song. As a matter fact sometimes one may be hard pressed to tell the difference. However, adding a little spirituality to your workout may help you push through.

Finally, nothing fires up the soul of a weary athlete like a dose of old school. Disco from the likes Abba to Earth Wind & Fire can light a spark. Ignite your work out with KC & the Sunshine Band's, Boogie Man or Chaka Khan's I'm Every Woman or The Jacksons' Dance Machine or Blame It On The Boogie and don't forget the oldie but goodie rock classic, by Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody. The list goes on and on. One thing that is characteristic of a good old school jam is that they are often lengthier than modern music. If you are able to get your hands on the extended version of Glow of Love by Luther Vandross (roughly six minutes long) or I Love Music by the O'Jays (a whopping 9 minutes in length), you may just have a playlist that can help you blow past your time goals and take it to the next level.

Which ever songs you choose to rock out to while doing what is good for you, keep it happy, keep it light and always choose music that lifts your spirits!

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