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Beyonce breaking up with Jay Z? Tina Knowles talks Beyonce's 'perfect' world

Tina Knowles
Photo by Steve Mack/Getty Images

The Beyonce and Jay Z rumors have been running wild as people speculate that the two popular entertainers are going to break up or get a divorce in the very near future. While some of the chatter might be coming from jealous folks who don’t wish the couple well, it appear that those folks in the immediate circle of Beyonce and friends feel there is nothing going down. According to MTV News on Thursday, Tina Knowles weighed in about her daughter’s situation and she isn't concerned.

As with any spontaneous interview in Los Angeles, Tina was tracked down on a crosswalk as she was making her way around town. In fact, she shared that she doesn't even read the tabloids anymore as she already knows what is going on and is satisfied with her inside knowledge coming straight from Beyonce. In what was a walk and talk interview, she expressed nothing but confidence for Beyonce and Jay Z sharing “everything’s perfect” with the couple. While the declaration might be a little far-fetched, it has caught the fan’s attention as there has been so many rumors and people are wondering what is going on.

The 2014 Video Music Awards is the next stop for Beyonce. US Magazine is reporting she is expected to face off for the same trophy, Best Video With a Social Message against Kelly Rowland. Beyonce will be performing and she will honored with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. There isn't any doubt that Jay Z might be close by too as the couple has made a point to offer up couple moments so fans know all is well in their world.

The “On The Run” tour is heading to Europe in a few weeks for another leg of the tour and the couple will be on stage there too. While the rumors of their relationship reflects an on and off status (depending on who is asked,) there is no doubt that Beyonce and Jay Z just keep going as they want to share their music with the world.

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