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Beyonce Bieber: Jay Z concert tour 'mocks' Justin Bieber, shows singer's mugshot

Justin Bieber had his mugshot shown at Beyonce and Jay Z’s “On the Run” tour during their opening night, and it has since elicited a storm of controversy. Apparently, the celebrity couple publicly portrayed a number of infamous mugshots during Jay Z’s hotly awaited performance this week, and Justin Bieber was one of the "mocked" individuals, with it being said by Queen Bey that “even the greatest can fall.” The New York Daily News reports this Saturday, June 28, that thousands of fans have taken to Twitter to weigh in on the scandalous move; some seem to find the Beyonce’s jab humorous while others saw it as disrespectful.

Beyonce and Bieber show, Justin Bieber's mugshot mocked
Twitter Photo File, Radar Online

During the musical couple’s electric appearance on the “On the Run” tour, a Beyonce Bieber scandal was brought to the public spotlight. In the middle of Jay Z singing “H to the Izzo” this Wednesday night at a Miami concert center, Justin Beiber’s mugshot was shown — amid various others — in what seemed like an attempted humorous but rather random display. A number of fans took this as the celebrity power couple mocking the “Beauty and a Beat” singer.

According to one attendee at the concert who managed to snap the whole celebrity mugshot montage and upload it to YouTube as a candid video, a number of unwanted celebrity photos also made an appearance during Jay Z’s roaring performance. Others included in the medley of mugshots were David Bowie, Sean Combs, and Robert Downey, Jr., so the Biebs definitely wasn’t alone.

In regards to Justin Bieber’s mugshot, Beyonce reportedly had a few choice words to say about the “Believe” singer’s appearance in this widely publicized lineup in the middle of their “On the Run” tour showing. The Huffington Post claims that she was heard quoted to have said “even the greatest can fall” when it comes to the young pop star and his controversial antics of late.

Reactions on Twitter to the Beyonce Bieber jab have been quite mixed, as fans of both singers seem to be supporting their favorite celebrity. While some found the mention to be harmless and funny, others said that it looked like Justin Bieber was being mocked. These social media users noted that it wasn’t right or necessary to bring Justin into the picture during their concert, let alone say “even the greatest can fall.” Here are some of the tweets being said about the matter that have trended online:

“The fact that @justinbieber's mugshot was shown at @Beyonce 's concert followed by ‘even the greatest fall.’ that's just f-----.”

“Justin's mug shot makes an appearance at Beyoncé & Jay Z's 'On the Run Tour.' Wonder if he's excited lol”


“@biebercore but its disrespectfull to show bad situation someone!!!”

What do you think of Justin Bieber's infamous mugshot being shown in the middle of Jay Z and Beyonce's tour? No comment about whether the young singer was being mocked at the music event has been offered by the celebrities' reps, nor has one come from Justin Bieber himself. Was it a definite way to attract attention to the start of the "On the Run" concert lineup, or simply out of taste?

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